Sustainable Development - the Globalist Plan to take your freedoms....

Links to information about sustainable development: - Freedom21 Santa Cruz

Dr. Stan Monteith Interview w/Michael Shaw of Freedom21 Santa Cruz

Sustainable Development: A Guide for Public Officials - download and give to public officials at all public meetings, especially those involved in "planning", "zoning" and any kind of land use decisions

Understanding Sustainable Development - an updated version of the above guide for public officials to download and present to public officials or order hard copies: Bulk Pricing: 1-10 $2.50 each 11-100 $25 + $2.00 for each over 10 100-1000 $205 + $1.50 for each over 100 1000+ $1,555 + $1.00 for each over 1000 TO ORDER:call (831) 684-2232 or email


Michael Shaw's Speech: "Behind the Green Curtain" (given at Eagle Forum Conference, March 29, 2008 in Rohnert Park, CA)