Contra Costa Co. Doctor Says He Was Reassigned After Questioning COVID-19 Restrictions

By Cheryl Hurd

December 19, 2020

A prominent Contra Costa County doctor said he was reassigned Friday after questioning why the county went into a COVID-19 lockdown before the state mandate.

The medical director of Trauma and Regional Services for John Muir Health will no longer hold that title after speaking out, saying he believed students and small businesses are suffering unnecessarily.

“They’re not answering simple questions, why are you doing this? And that’s what the business community is asking and I think that is what the doctor is asking,” said Reve Bistro owner Laura Magu.

She believes Dr. Michael deBoisblanc is being punished for taking a stand for the community and small businesses, questioning if outdoor dining is really causing the spread of COVID-19.

“I’m happy medical professionals are asking, I don’t know anything, I’m not a scientist,” said Magu.

But deBoisblanc is a trauma surgeon, and he along with two other doctors wrote a letter to Contra Costa County’s health director and the board of supervisors saying that they are deeply concerned about the lockdowns and that science is clear that more lockdowns lead to much more non-COVID morbidity and mortality as supported by the CDC.

Magu said it’s sad one doctor is getting push back.

“For some reason, when other people try to voice their opinions that goes against the narrative no one wants to hear it,” said Magu.

John Muir Hospital executives told its staff that the doctor is being replaced as the director of trauma with no explanation.

An official statement was released to NBC Bay Area Friday saying, “the doctor is employed through an outside contract … and after careful consideration, John Muir Health is not continuing with Dr. deBoisblanc in that position.”

In a phone call with NBC Bay Area, the doctor said, “clearly the interpretation of my letter to the county … they felt the need to separate themselves and remove me from my position.”

A similar debate is happening in San Francisco where Supervisor Matt Haney plans to support a resolution on Tuesday, asking the state to prove outdoor dining is linked to the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. deBoisblanc says he has yet to hear from the county health department for a response to his letter.


Here's another story about Dr. deBoisblanc from the New York Post:


California doctor claims hes seen more deaths by suicide than coronavirus

by Lee Brown

May 24, 2020

The head of a California hospital’s trauma team says his area has seen more death from lockdown suicides than from the pandemic itself.

“We’ve never seen numbers like this, in such a short period of time,” Dr. Mike deBoisblanc of John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, just outside of Oakland, told ABC7 of the apparent mental health crisis.

“I mean, we’ve seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks,” he told the station, which did not give figures to back the claims.

Walnut Creek is in Contra Costa County, which as of Saturday had recorded 1,296 coronavirus cases, with 36 deaths.

DeBoisblanc believes the mental health cost proves “it’s time” to end the shelter-in-place in the county of more than a million people, he told the station.

His colleague, Kacey Hansen — a trauma nurse at the hospital for 33 years — says the focus on treating COVID-19 has also meant they have not able to save as many suicide patients as usual.

“I have never seen so much intentional injury,” she told the station.

John Muir Health told ABC7 that it “encourages” its staff to “participate constructively in these discussions,” while stressing it is “supportive of the Shelter-in-Place order” in Contra Costa County.

“We all share a concern for the health of our community whether that is COVID-19, mental health, intentional violence or other issues,” it told the station.