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March 6, 2006

To Concerned Citizens of Discovery Bay:

In early January 2006, the Office of the Sheriff conducted a survey of the residents of Discovery Bay. 4,068 surveys were mailed to residents of the community and over 1,150 (28%) were returned in the postage-paid envelope provided. Of those responses, 504 respondents took the time to give us written comments expressing a specific observation or concern. With the assistance of a dedicated community volunteer, we have attempted to categorize those comments. The entire results of this survey will be posted on the Office of the Sheriff website at  www.cocosheriff.org.

This survey was intended to provide us with a clear picture of the law enforcement concerns and priorities of the Discovery Bay community. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be using the information obtained to enhance our crime prevention efforts and, where possible, to adjust our approach to policing the community. This information will also be shared with the Discovery Bay Community Services District and the Sheriff’s Municipal Advisory Council for the benefit of the entire community.

I would like to offer my personal thanks to the residents of the community who took the time and effort to respond. The comments and information gathered through this process convinces me that the residents of Discovery Bay are concerned with and committed to a strong law enforcement presence in their community.







Here is a breakdown of responses:

Question #1. On a scale of 1 – 5, with one being “not important” and 5 being “most important”, let us know how you feel about these law enforcement issues in your neighborhood:

            Theft/ burglary: 803 of 1113 respondents (72%) rated this item as most important.

            Vandalism:  806 of 1113 respondents (72%) rated this item as most important.

Youth-Related Crimes:  512 of 1015 respondents (50%) rated this item as most important. A total of 854 (84%) rated this item as 3 or higher.

Parking Violations: 454 of 1023 respondents (44%) rated this as not important. A total of 835 (82%) rated this item as 3 or lower.

Fireworks;  317 of 961 respondents (33%) rated this item as not important. A total of  697 (72.5%) rated this item as 3 or lower. 154 (16%) felt this item was most important.

Narcotics/drug sales:  531 of 943 respondents (56%) rated this item as most important. A total of 737 (78%) rated this item as 3 or higher.

Noise / Disturbances: 697 of 989 respondents (70.5%) rated this item as 3 or lower.

Gang Activity: 458 of 946 respondents (48%) rated this item as most important. 652 (69%) rated this item as 3 or higher. 202 (21%) rated this item as not important.

Vendors / roadside sales: 568 of 1009 respondents (56%) rated this item as not important. 896 (89%) rated this item as 3 or lower.

Question #2:  How safe do you feel in Discovery Bay?

            Unsafe:  36 of 960 respondents (3.8%)

            Safe:   619 of 960 respondents (64.5%)

            Very Safe:  305 of 960 respondents (31.8%)

            924 respondents (96.3%) feel safe or very safe.

Question #3:  What strategies would you like to see the Sheriff’s Office focus on? Pick two:

            Neighborhood Patrol:   957 (84.5%) rated this item as a priority.

            Crime Prevention:  924 (81.6%) rated this item as a priority.

            Parking Enforcement:  130 (11.5) rated this item as a priority.

            Marine Patrol:  164 (14.9%) rated this item as a priority.

Question #4:  How often do you see Deputy Sheriff’s in your neighborhood?

            Often: 147 of 1098 respondents (13.4%).

            Sometimes: 459 of 1098 respondents (41.8%).

            Rarely:  404 of 1098 respondents (36.8%).

            Never:  88 of 1098 respondents (8%).

Question #5:  Have you had any contact with our Deputy Sheriff’s?

            Yes: 533 of 1029 respondents (52%).

            No:  496 of 1029 respondents (48%).

If you have had contact with our Deputy Sheriff’s, what was your impression?

            Satisfactory:  507 of 608 respondents (83%).

            Unsatisfactory:  101 of 608 respondents (17%).





The comments listed below generally fell into categories, and are reported as such.  The categories are:

General Comments covering a variety of issues
More police coverage/full time deputy on duty
Speeding/Traffic issues/Motorized vehicles
Decreased response time
Youth crime/issues for activities
Boat/RV/Trailers/Parking enforcement
Speeding on the water/Marine issues
Emergency preparedness
Positive Comments
Negative Comments


General Comments:

1.       My daughter’s purse was taken from her car, which was parked in my driveway during the boat parade.  It was her fault she left it in her car, but it still makes me feel unsafe.  More patrols out during these regular events would be nice.

2.       We need to know what is happening in order to best protect ourselves.  A published report of police events/reports within Discovery Bay would be helpful in this regard.

3.       The parking is not so hot either – doesn’t anyone use their garage for what it is for? CARS!  I call our court a used car lot.

4.       This past New Year’s Eve, water levels rose dramatically in Disco Bay.   
Some resident had flooding. We saw a large group of police and fire people
at the fire station.  We had water within 3 ft. of our door. We stopped a Sheriff 

patrol car to find out where we could get sandbags and what the emergency  plan was.  The Community Service officer was totally unaware of the rising water. He told us that the large numbers of enforcement folks were only there to catch illegal fireworks use and to inform the H.O.A so penalties could be levied.  He was misinformed about where to get sandbags.  It seems that it would be more important to inform residents as to an emergency plan if any, and to use the fire station as a place to get sandbags and emergency information that a water community could use, not waste overtime and  taxpayer’s money on chasing fireworks, which went off anyway!.

5.       Loud boom music is out of control.

6.       We actually live I country-club area of Discovery Bay so some activities are curtailed due to gated entrance, etc.  However, as the total area grows and more working parents with long commutes will no less cause certain youth crimes to increase.  Patrolling thru areas should increase, and youth “continued” education (DARE program, etc.) could probably increase.  Need to keep loitering to minimum in shopping centers.  Discourage use of motorized scooters – find safe areas for kids to ride skateboards – not in parking lots where an accident is waiting to happen.  Hopefully a community center will eventually be built and give a safe place for kids to hang out.

7.       All neighbors talk – might be helpful to stop and talk to residents - always welcome to stop and talk at our house.

8.       My only comment is that where once D.B. was almost exclusively adults when I moved here 13 years ago, that landscape is changing and there are many more young children.  While they are generally well behaved, as they get older – well you know…..Right now I have a loud go cart running up and down the street and there are sometimes 2 racing. It happens infrequently but as time goes by I’m sure these type of incidents will increase.

9.       The sheriff needs to spend more time getting to know the young people of Discovery Bay and to make a positive impression.  There are not a lot of kids and getting to know those who could “potentially” cause problems would be a huge deterrent.  Young people should be treated w/respect and they will respond with respect.  Our officers spend to much time trying to be tough and demand respect instead of trying to ear the young people’s trust and respect.

10.   It feels as though we are on our own here in D/B.  Law Enforcement appears to be very removed from the community.  While recognizing the additional burdens placed on the Sheriff’s Dept. since 9/11 combined with funding issues, the inability to deal with less than high priority crime only creates a snowball affect that will lead to D/B slowly eroding into a higher crime area. D/B, as a community, has (also) the responsibility of working with the Sheriff’s Dept. on these issues.

11.   Loudness due to people who “spy” on our house at all times of the day and night – keeping me awake or waking me up.  Have no contact with these people who are threatening me and my family from where ever they are in and around Discovery Bay.  They always stalk me everywhere I go calling me “their prisoner”.  Don’t ever get involved with these “activities”!!  Our family members (four of us that live here) keep to ourselves.  Don’t want any trouble.  Moved to Discovery Bay last June 2005.

12.   The officers should work with all resident in the community.  Sheriff officer are usually good listeners, however, forget to get key facts and moves to assumptions.  Also, adequate monitoring and follow through w/issues is key.  Need more sheriff’s at one time.

13.   We have parties on our street all the time.  When there has them there are cars all over.  It’s like a freeway.  There is drinking and drugs going on and most times there are fights.  We are all tired of this.  The parties need to end.  I wish the Sheriff would do more than just break them up.  They happen most weekend and during the week.  They are very loud and there is always garbage all over the street.

14.   We will be happy to help in any way we can. We have no serious problems and would like to be of assistance to keep it that way.  We do live in the gated area of the Country Club.

15.   I like to see the Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car drive through our neighborhood, including inside the gates at the Golf Club.   Please continue this practice!

16.   I don’t know what could be done to prevent something like this happening, however, I’d like to feel safe about this not happening again.  When I was driving down Balfour to get to my home at the Lakes. I was going speed limit, which is pretty fast.  At about 9:00 on Sunday night.  There was a car that was coming behind me very fast, and before it got right behind me it went into the oncoming traffic lane raced by me and a car load of teenage boys threw a bunch of rocks at my car.  I scared me and made me veer off the road.  I did not get a license plate number.  How can something like this be avoided?

17.  As a resident of the gated community, down a quiet side court, I and my family feel 
       safe because we are rarely exposed to threats or crime.

18.  Put into effective cross training for fire department personnel to handle  some police

19. Give effective notification of important meetings.

20. Door to Door vendors R a BIG problem on Spinnaker-African American
      at night with no ID’s hanging from them.  This is a FYI and I don’t
      bother calling the Sheriff because it will not do any good.

21. The Centex homes (Bixler & Regatta) have the following problems:

·        Code enforcement i.e. cars not moved, garbage in front yard, lawns not cut.

·        Fireworks

·        Speeding

·        Not stopping at stop signs.

 We are not the “step children” to the rest of Discovery Bay and deserve the same attention to ensure we have a safe neighborhood and to protect our property values.

22. Patrols where the kids hang out (at night). Could speed bumps be put in
      at Discovery Bay Blvd. to slow down cars?  More boat  patrols in the bays.

23. Newport Place South residents (at least several of them) believe the street is an
      extension of their driveways. Their garage is full so they park their multiple cars
      (and sometime boats) on the street for long periods of time without moving
       them. When the local paper printed an article about strict parking enforcement one
       resident would move his cars around every other day. Now since enforcement
       was just a threat he doesn't attempt to move his vehicles.  

24. On two occasions someone drove their vehicle across our front  yard
      and landscaped area.  We live on the corner of Sandpoint and Surfside Court.
      The person or persons drove directly across our front yard.  This was not
      accidental. It was deliberate.  I reported this to a deputy sheriff, and he said he would
      keep an eye out, but I never saw him again.  I know that you are very busy and can
      not sit at the intersection watching for someone to drive across our yard.  I would add
      that several vehicles drive right through the stop sign going east at Sandpoint at
      Surfside Court.  They don’t even slow down.  One day
someone is going to get hurt
      or worse at this intersection expecting the person to stop.

25. Encourage the deputies to get to know the people of Discovery Bay/ stop
      – talk – wave.  Be friendly.  Personal contact.

26. When I moved to Discovery Bay last April (05) I had several very large
       potted plants stolen from my driveway before moving them all to the back yard.
      They  were stolen on a busy Friday afternoon in daylight.  It concerned me that such
      thing could happen here – it would have taken some thoughts to get my plants (1 with
      trellis) in a vehicle and away.  It was a big disappointment.

27. More enforcement in the Country Club neighborhood please.

28. Moving from a country property to a neighborhood a year and a half ago,
      I thought a neighborhood would be safe.  Boy, was I wrong.  Seeing someone
      arrested in my driveway twice, hearing about break-ins, dealing with cars parked on
      street that never move, I feel like I’m living in a ghetto.  It’s a shame that Discovery
      Bay has neighborhoods like this.

·        Have speed watches on Bixler and Point of Timber

·        Tow unlawfully parked vehicles and fine owner

·        Observe teens and groups of teens for unlawful activities and bullying.

·        Enforce all laws to the fullest

·        Provide officers with body shield protection and safety protection.

30. People passing thro Hwy 4 come into our area and start drama with our
      neighborhood kids (regulars) who have been in this area forever.

31. Just being visible is very good.

32. Tyler Memorial Park is a breeding ground for crime!  There is always broken
      glass, beer bottles, vandalism, and trash.  I have even found bottles that kids   
    “huff”paint out of.  I feel that patrol needs to be stepped up in order for this to stop. 
     Tickets should be given to all violators of parking trailers on the street….not just some
      people. If you’re going to ticket one person you have to give them all tickets.

33. If you have a community service officer or technician, who could canvas
      neighborhoods and compile a list of homes with high shrubs, bushes and trees that
      block entrances to their homes and recommend they cut/remove so potential burglars,
      rapist, etc don’t have a place to hid and catch the homeowner off guard.

34.  Would like to see that most or all violent criminal activities are being
       addressed or taken care of.

35.  More drunk driving prevention programs or harsher punishments are
       implemented especially for young drivers.

36.  My impressing is from those who have contacted you that a less than
       important emphasis is placed on those who have done something wrong—especially
       young people—note the Christmas tree fiasco of several years ago.  Appropriate
       action should be taken.  A night in juvenile hall could be a real eye opener.  I know
       you’re strapped for funds and staff, but a firmer approach is definitely in order.  By
       the way, where did the money come from for this survey?

37. The presence of members of the sheriff’s office at our board meetings
       seem far better than forming another body to weigh the problems that might arise. 
      What needs to be done is orienting board members to proper conduct at public
       meetings.  If the board has a problem they should appoint one of their members to
       meet with the sheriff and discuss the problem and find a solution.  I don’t feel there is
      any public outrage in Discovery Bay about the services of this department.  What it is,
      is the conduct of a few of our residents against any type of controls.  Keep up the
      good work.

38. I have lived in Discovery Bay for 20 years now, and have seen the
     “cycle” repeat itself 3 times.  “Cycle” meaning theft, vandalism, drugs,
      and youth related crimes.  It seems the 4th cycle is coming soon than
      normal.  If there was a more, often, and visual law enforcement patrol,
      I’m sure this would help prevent the rate of incidents.

39. I’m the principal of Excelsior Middle School that serves Byron and D.B.
      I’ve always been pleased with the response from sheriffs.  I would love to see us have
      the resident deputy back.  When DB had that, the sheriff spent time on our campus
      and was a positive role model for kids.  We do have issues w/drugs, alcohol, and
      bullying that a sheriff could really help with.  These behavior carry over into the
      community (I live in DB also) so having a presence at school would be a proactive

40. There has been a bone of contention for many years with people here
       feeling that their tax money doesn’t come back to benefit Discovery Bay.

41.  Balfour Rd. has become a thoroughfare and it’s an unsafe road.  It needs
       to be improved.

42.  I think patrolling Discovery Bay is a crime preventative measure.  I was
       very upset about the vandalism in the park and other areas.  The kids need the
       community center we’ve been trying to get started.  I’m irritated with how the area is
       looking with all the boats, cars, and trailers all over.  I used to think this was an up
      scale neighborhood and moved here for that reason.  If people can afford to live here,
      they can afford to pay for storage and hire someone to keep their property looking
      half-way decent.  Thanks for helping our neighborhood.

43. I believe in peace officers, not just someone to report a crime to.  We
      need to work to that means.

44.  It is absolutely wonderful to see that our sheriffs are patrolling the
       neighborhoods.  However, they really should not be speeding unless they are
      responding to a call.  Every time I see a sheriff which is quite often, he/she is speeding,
      especially on Newport Dr.  I would certainly hope that Discovery Bay does not have
      this many “calls” that would require a sheriff’s attention.  In any case, please ask the
      sheriffs to set the example by complying with the speed limits themselves.  Otherwise,
      this problem will never go away.

45. Focus on issues that pose a threat of bodily injury, financial and property   loss to  
      residents and the community.

  • problem with speeding (is this a CHP responsibility?)
  • fireworks (loss of property from fire damage as well as injury to users.
  • Drugs (damaging family life in general
  • Theft/burglary (encourage people to close garage doors and secure boats, etc.)
  • Youth crime and vandalism is not surprising as adults don’t set a good example by violating the above items.

46. Patrols are needed daily by the post office, shopping centers, etc. on a
       regular basis probably once a day in the p.m. Local telephone # is needed
      on a 24-hour basis.  Even if not available a number is needed for the
      substation.  Need information desk on occasion at public events or centers.  Good will
      and cooperation always desired.

47.  My main concern is the Timber Point School.  In the mornings and
      afternoons you can not get down the street due to all the cars parked out in front of the
      school.  At times you have to drive on the other side of the street to get home.  My
      concern is if a fire truck has a call they will not be able to get through.  Even with the    
      no parking signs in place, everyone still parks.

48. I am concerned about safety, crime, and marine patrol.  Do not waste  
      time on parking and other non-life threatening issues.  The DPBOA is a political group
      of old, greedy, unemployed blowhards.  Safety first – politics last:  DBPOA is political
      and impressed with themselves.  Contra Costa Sheriffs first, DBPOA last.

83. The Sheriff represents authority and crime dissipates when continual
enforcement is mandated.  Problem people fear the Sheriff and wrong doers are afraid of
      arrest and detention.  People are getting away with violations of different issues because
     they know the Sheriff does not come into our area (gated community).

88. I’d like to see less focus on parking violations and more focus on “real
      issues” such as burglary, vandalism, and drug related issues.  It seems a waste of time
      and our money to be ticketing all the time when you could be solving or preventing real
      problematic issues that affect our safety.

89.  Problems:

  • Fireworks problems – fire hazard, dangerous
  • parking violations – constant
  • noise is a big problem – car racing, motorcycles, etc.
  • RV parking illegally.
  • residents parking personal cars long term
  • youths milling about outside @ residences

     Thanks for the opportunity to give my opinion.

90. Visibility on Bixler, Hwy 4 Discovery Bay Blvd, and Newport Dr. is a
       problem especially early in the morning and pick up time at schools.  Too many
       drivers do not heed the speed limit, and want everyone to go too fast.  I find most 
       folks with fancy or BIG vehicles have a tendency to try to push other drivers.  I’ve
      been behind drunk drivers numerous times and have flashed my high beams to tell
      them “you’re over the line”.  Good luck and thanks.

91. I believe our neighborhood is relatively safe.  While a minor issue,
      basketball stand, etc. left permanently on the street cause irritation and in high winds
      blow over and block the street.

92. I live alone and recently am a widow, so I do not feel as safe as I would
      if my husband was alive.  The speeding on Newport is horrible and hardly ever
      patrolled.  Trash is everywhere.  I walk everyday and pick up trash all the time. 
      Graffiti is awful and the town will do nothing about it.  Shopping carts are everywhere
      and Safeway does not care.  I am tired of talking with them about it.  Teenagers are
      out of control.  Too many road salesmen coming to our homes and trying to sell
      something and religious groups.  Thank you for this survey.

93. I live in Lakeshore, a gated community, so less concerned about many
      of these issues.  No complaints re: level of service from your department.
       Thanks for doing the survey.

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More Coverage/Full Time Deputy

1.  We need more Sheriffs in Discovery Bay.

2.  More Sheriff visibility would be good.  Bored teenagers have nothing to
      occupy time so they get into trouble.

3.  Just being around more often and seen could reduce most law enforcement
     issues such as gang activity, vandalism, etc. (I  would certainly join in on a
     neighborhood crime prevention watch, etc. if needed.)

4.  With the money I pay in taxes, I would like to see a full time Sheriff at     
      the annex on Discovery Bay Blvd.  I feel that a visual presence would
      help enforce reduced crime.

5.  More presence.  Hire more deputies!

6.  Need more sheriffs now that more people live here!!! With people
      moving in from other area, it has brought problems of crime that a
      lot of us ran away from.

7. We just think that D.B. needs more patrolling.  We have a lot of
     bored kids out here who cause problems – vandalism, malicious
     mischief, etc.  More patrolling could deter some of that and deter
    some more serious offenses.

8. It would help deter any crime if it were known that a Sheriff’s car
    was in the town 24-7.  A meeting of the Sheriff’s Dept. and town of
     Discovery Bay to let people know how to set up a neighborhood
      watch program would help.

9.  It would help to know an officer was here, i.e. around.  Our problems
     aren’t great compared to other communities, but they are important to us. 
     Just be here.

10. I think the community probably feels disconnected from the Sheriff’s
      Deputies. Discovery Bay is now a community of 10,000 residents.  The community is
      now large enough to justify full-time patrol coverage.  I certainly support a property
      tax assessment to assure law enforcement coverage. One insurance deductibles $500,
      would cost more than the prevention that could be provided by full-time patrol  

11.  Show more of a presence in community.

12. D.B. needs a law enforcement presence in the community to discourage
      illegal and dangerous behavior and to provide rapid response to curtail
     wrongful and inconsiderate activity that has occurred.

13. I would like to see more presence in Discovery Bay.

14. More patrols in shopping and business areas.

15. I think the presence of Sheriff’s vehicles patrolling on the streets on a
      regular basis would do the most for the neighborhood.  We rarely see patrols 
      especially at night.  We see kids wandering around late at night and people driving like
      it’s a drag strip.  There’s a “feeling of lawlessness” when there’s no presence of
      authority.  For now, as far as feeling safe, I feel fairly safe from violent crime, but I feel
      very uncomfortable with the way things are going. I see more and more signs of things
      getting worse.

16. We would like the resident deputy back as he worked well with the
      youth – as a role model (a positive one) he was a youth related crime

17. Discovery Bay shopping center is not well patrolled. In back of Safeway
      our cars have been broken into 4 times, in last 7 mo. business broken into.  Very
      rarely do we see patrol cars.

18. I have one concern; and that is of fairness.  We in Discovery Bay
      probably pay $25 million yearly in property taxes.  Do we get a fair
      return in services?  Surely this must pay for many resident Sheriffs
      that are being used elsewhere.  If we pay we should get a fair
      return.  With this much paid in, maybe we should have full-time
      resident Sheriffs or at least be told why we don’t.

19. Get us a police station or at least bring back the amount of our
      patrollers that we use to have for our safety.  Gangs, youth
      burglary, alcoholics, crazy drivers, and people in the parks after dark
      doing drug deals and vandalism is happening every day all   the time
       because we don’t have enough law enforcement to help us.

20. Discovery Bay does not need maximum Sheriff’s presence in the mornings
       and afternoons who have nothing to do but give parking tickets and minor traffic
       violation citations to little old ladies.  We need the Sheriff’s protection in the middle of
       the night when all the vandalism and robberies take place.

21. Insufficient number of officers for the increasing growth in Discovery  Bay.

22. The Sheriff’s department needs to place a sub-station in either Discovery Bay or
      Byron.  This would better suite the needs of Disco Bay because Disco Bay is a   
      growing town.  More homes are being built which means more people and children
      need to feel safe in their communities.  I would like to see more  patrols in the area. 
     With a sub-station in the area, means more deputies can do pro-active patrolling.  If a
      burglary occurs in my home, I would feel safe knowing the cavalry is en-route rather
      than one lonely deputy o scene.  Bottom line is--We need more deputies.

23. More presence in the neighborhood, maybe some meet and greets with  the

24. I feel that more presence felt/seen would deter a whole lot of kids
     hanging around and their activity.  I don’t feel safe walking in the morning before
     daylight, but I need to do it anyway. We need more Sheriff Deputies in our area, with
     all the growth I our area we need more patrols, we also need more speed patrols.  I   
     live on Clipper Dr. and drivers think it is a Hwy 4 bypass.

25. I would like to see more visibility during the peak crime times 12:00-4:00 a.m. 
      I can’t remember ever seeing a patrol car
  cruising the neighborhood.

26. Keep a sheriff full time at the Discovery Bay substation (or within  the D.B. area).

27. We need our deputy sheriff back.  Disc. Bay has become to large  to get
       by with the limited sheriff presence we currently have.

28. At least 2-3 times weekly, all year round at the Marina parking lot  we have
      cars spinning and doing doughnuts in the parking lot.  This activity occurs from late 
      afternoon – early morning hours.  We   realize kids will be kids, but were the last
      house across the marina parking lot and hear it all the time, it wakes us up and we   
      work early morning hours.  Otherwise, if we could get more patrol, that
      would be great.

29. The few times I see the Deputy Sheriff is always in the middle of the day or Sundays. 
      Rarely when we need them.  From 4-8 Discovery Bay Blvd. i.e. speed, screeching
       tires by Short Stop. Friday and Sat. nights when parties are taking place  - or some
       teens looking for trouble.  The few times I have called the response was very slow. 
      But when have, they were friendly and professional.  Granted, we’re a low crime area,
      but for our tax dollars we receive very little.  That probably won’t change until we

30. More frequent evening/late night-morning patrol.

31. We would really welcome 24 hour on-site protection.  This area is getting
       larger by the day and with more population we have more crime. When people know
       there in no law enforcement immediately available they become more daring.  As
       residents we must be responsible as well.

32. I feel that we are very vulnerable as we do not have a police station here. 
      The response time to get police out here from Brentwood may be too late. 
      We would really benefit having our own law enforcement.

33. There needs to be more follow-up work done. If they need help to do  this,
      get them help.

34. Patrol more, follow through on suspicious behavior.

35. A more visual impact on area, including night and weekends.  There is a feeling
      that our concerns will not be addressed so why contact the department unless
      there is no other option….or are we on our own?

I think Discovery Bay needs one dedicated patrol car 24/7.  We pay enough in property taxes to allocate an appropriate salary, including expenses for vehicle, etc. 

36.  More officers on patrol in the Discovery Bay area needed.

37.  Would like to see more community patrol in neighborhoods, especially in the
       summer time.

38.  At the present time, we feel a Sheriff’s substation at the Sandy Cove shopping
       center would be more centrally located and would positively impact nuisance loitering
       and vandalism.

39. I would very much like to see a greater presence of sheriff’s deputies in the area
      especially at night. 

40.  Your department is under staffed!  For such a growing community, you need
       more deputies – for officer safety, and for the community.  It would be nice to
      see more deputies patrolling.  Maybe include a K-9 with a deputy to assist when being
       under staffed.  I know this can be expensive, but you need more tools of the trade. 
       Being under staffed will not be able to help your deputies safety and the community in
       which it serves.

41. Would like to see more patrols in the gated community.

42. Be more visible in our community.

43.  Presence and response.  We’d like to see more Sheriff’s presence. Response
       times will always be of critical concern. 

44. Because I live in a gated community I assume that I am not exposed as others
      to theft or vandalism.  But with the size of Discovery Bay, it would seem an impossible
      task to adequately cover the whole town with the resources currently assigned.

45. I believe the officers are being put in a difficult position when they have to spend
      so much of their time on small parking violation issues instead of concentrating on the
      real problems of D.B.  Theft, vandalism are caused by our communities youth hanging
      around the centers with nothing to do.  Being able to have time to write burglary
      reports and have time to investigate them is important.  These are the real problems of
      this community.  The only parking violations they should be concerned with are the
      ones about safety, crime, or abandoned vehicles.

46. I would be willing to pay more in taxes for a full time sheriff’s office in  Discovery Bay.

47. Have residents increase tax dollars with a bond to pay for extra sheriffs.

48. We live in the Lakes community and would like to see more routine patrols
      in the neighborhood in an effort to reduce unwanted foot traffic and deter thefts and/or
      burglaries.  I would be nice if a rep from the Sheriff’s dept. would attend one of our
     Home Owners Assoc. meetings.

49. We are happy with your service, but we have had some incidents of  crime. 
       It would be nice to have an officer in Discovery Bay 24/7. 

50. More visibility and patrol in Discovery Bay is needed. Do you have a
      substation that you can have here even a few hours, or a couple of days a week? 
      There are law-abiding people, but also people who do “their own thing” here.  It will
       get worse if we don’t keep a handle on patrol and involvement.

51.  We need our own dedicated patrol units 24/7, 365 days per year. Sharing
       officers for all of East County does not work for a town of over 10,000 residents.

52.  What is important to me and my family is for the Sheriff’s Dept. to have  more of a
       presence on our streets and the waterways around our home.  

53.  Enforce the intent of the law not the letter of the law…long description of a parking
       ticket which occurred about 2 years ago.

54. Every time I have seen a Sheriff’s officer in Discovery Bay, the officer is
      parked in the Safeway parking lot for the duration that I am in the parking  lot. 
     I would love to see the officers in the community, interacting with  the residents,
      and also roaming the neighborhoods.  It would be nice to see a deputy driving through
      the neighborhood every once in a while.  Being married to a police officer, I
      understand the length of calls and paperwork.  I would like to see more involvement in
      the community though, and not just in the Safeway parking.  Thank you for all you do!

55. We live in a gated community and have not heard of any trouble here by our
      lake, except once, next door.  We had a little vandalism last year – scratching words
     on a wall – which was removed.  We have a very active Homeowners Association and
     meet they meet regularly. We can phone them if we have a problem.

56. They should stop and talk to people a little more often and ask how are things
       around the neighborhood, etc.  Also tell the people to quit throwing their cigarette
       butts on the street in front of their house…it looks sloppy.

57.I contacted the police in regards to an attempted fraud.  I received a phone call
     saying I had won a contest and my account information was needed.  I have caller ID
     and gave the officer the phone number.  (I spoke to the office via telephone) He said
     there was nothing he could do because probably a lot of people lived at the home
     where the phone number was registered.  When I told the officer I worried about older
     people who might fall for the scam, he stated that they had to watch out for themselves.

58. Focus on crime prevention and forget parking enforcement if lack of deputy
      time and funds are truly an issue.  Also please note that Barry Hinds and David Piepho
     do not represent all of Discovery Bay!

59. More night patrols – patrol side roads for speeders (Balfour/Bixler/Hwy. 4.

60. Reduce patrols from 5 a.m.-2 p.m.  Increase patrols from 2 p.m.-1 a.m.
      Don’t let people, especially kids, off.

61. Since we have no other police protection available, we need to have more Sheriff’s
      office presence.  If this is done and noticed by all people, then I believe there will be less
      desire and opportunity for problems to occur.  Neglect will increase and embolden bad
       behavior whether its gangs, kids, or criminals or even parking by fire hydrants.  If
       enforcement is absent, then these acts will increase.

62. Be more visible – people speed all the time and litter mostly beer cans along
      my street and others. More visible patrols will help deter all or most crimes. 
      Thank you!

63. As taxpaying residents of the county, we want sufficient, efficient, and responsive
       service from the Sheriff’s Department equal to that of our county in direct relationship to
      our community population figures. In our area of Lighthouse Place, we don’t seem to
      have the vandalism and parking violations like some other areas.  However, water or
      street or county laws already applicable should be enforced!!  Also we would appreciate
      being notified (by a newsletter preferably) if gang or drug activities or vandalism is taking
      place in our neighborhood.  Thank you for providing us with this survey.

64. More coverage.

65. Be visible – drive every street every day – stop and talk to people.

66. It would be better to have neighborhood patrols more often.

67. More patrol.

68. We would like to have law enforcement presence and a feeling that they are one of us.

69. Neighborhood patrols after dark.

70. I would like to see more presence in the community. We have lived here over 3 years,
      and we have seen a representative of the Sheriff’s Office  a total of 2 times!

71. I rarely ever see a sheriff’s car anymore.  Actually, I see CHP more  frequently (but not
      that often).  WE NEED MORE POLICE PRESENCE.

72. We would like to see more officers.  We see maybe about 3 or 4 sheriff cars
       a year in our neighborhood (Byron – not D.B.)

73. Be visible in our community!

74.  More patrols @ later hours. Check out of area vehicles. Relax speeding citations.

75.Given the growth with the new parts of Discovery Bay, it would be ideal to have more
     patrol cars available at all times.

76. We would like to see more of a presence in our neighborhood (The Lakes)

77. We feel overall we get very little for our tax dollars. Perhaps more patrol visibility
       would help  both on roads and DB waterways.

78.  Maintain/increase patrols to deter mischief/crime.

79.  With the increased growth, a greater sheriff’s presence is needed – on the
        streets as well as on the water!

80. Implementing a resident deputy or assigning officers to our area for longer
      periods would assist in identifying problem individuals faster because they would be
      familiar with the area.  I don’t believe there is any such thing as zero crime, but solving
      crime quickly should be the goal.

81. Would like to see more patrols, but understand you are tied to a budget.

82. Would like to see more of a Sheriff’s presence with patrols.

83.  Overall, I think that your agency has done a good job with the available resources.
       The deputies have always been professional, courteous, and approachable. 
       I do feel that it is important to keep a resident deputy.

84. The reduced Sheriff’s patrols are of concern. While the reduced patrols are a
      concern, the long range outcome could be very detrimental to crime rate  in
      Discovery Bay.

85. I suggest the following:

·        a dedicated Sheriff assigned in the community and/or camera

surveillance along traffic lights that will monitor cars and or trucks passing by.

·        telecommunications contractor, i.e. SBC/AT & T/Comcast, etc. br

monitoring their activities.

86. We chose to live in a gated community due to the perceived lack of officers  dedicated to
      Discovery Bay.

87. We do need more officers for our area.  We have grown and it does not appear
      we have any additional units.

88. We are most concerned with the lack of police presence or patrols in a
      community in which most homes are empty during the day for long periods. 
      Neighborhood watches would be helpful, but if no one is home, who can watch?  Also,
      the youth in the community are home w/out supervision during long periods which can
      be  problematic and may lead to an increase of problems.  We need more police
      presence! and patrols!! to stop problems before they get out of control. 

89. I think having deputies visible is a great deterrent to crime.  So the more patrols
      I think the lower the potential for crime.  Thank you for conducting this survey.

90. Cruise our neighborhood between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. more often.

91. Just more patrols.   

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Speeding/Traffic Issues/Motorized Vehicles/Motorcycles

1.       Cut down on speeding.

2.       Speeding in neighborhoods.

3.  Driving too fast on streets (mostly women).  The parking on the street is wrong
     way or half in street.
We need to do something about speeding and other traffic
     violations.  I walk every day and have a fear about using crosswalks, even at
     the 4-way stops.  Drivers will not stop for you at the school crosswalk

4.  Traffic control and speeding problems are huge on Newport Drive especially from
     Timber Point School to Newport Lane.  Car theft/garage theft is a problem especially
     when new homes are being built in the area.

5. Speeding violations in front of Safeway Shopping Center (Highway 4). Passing on right
     side of road.  Race Track!!

6.  The Sheriff Dept. should take over traffic from the CHP. I live by Timber Point
     School and do not see either dept. issuing traffic violation citations.  The Sheriff is
     usually only here to write parking tickets and citations for the building inspector for
     boats.  There is a lot of speeding by the school, as well  as other violations, but
     neither agency is policing it.  I have made requests at the CHP and county sheriffs
     office but have seen nothing.

7. I live on Clipper Drive and would love to see more enforcement of the 25 mph
     speed limit.  I have been told the Sheriff’s office is not responsible for  traffic
     (that I need to contact the Highway Patrol).  I think it sends a bad message when
     there is law enforcement visible ( A Sheriff’s vehicle) but people are allowed to
     travel at between speeds of 35-50 mph without even being pulled over and given
     a warning!  I realize the Sheriff’s office wants the Highway Patrol to handle traffic
     issues.  I would like to see the agencies work together to reduce speeding. 
     I bet most citizens in Discovery Bay don’t realize if the Highway Patrol is not
     around they wouldn’t be cited. I’m sure a warning from a sheriff would be
     taken seriously.

8. We just need to see law enforcement officers in our neighborhood.  Just  to slow
     down traffic and safety.  We live on Windward Point! Let the CHP take care
     of traffic problems and parking problems.  We need the sheriff’s office to protect us 
     and handle crime and potential crime problems. 

9. Need to find a way to slow down autos on all major residential  streets, like Newport 
    Drive – 25 mile zone- most everybody at 55mps or higher – all streets in D.B.
    are to narrow – not even  room for bike lane.

10. I would like to see more traffic control on our street.  We have numerous speeders
      and with the kids in the neighborhood, we don’t feel safe with the kids playing
      outside.  We live on Dolphin Pl., between our street and Sand Point there is
      never any traffic patrol!

11. Speeding is a problem on Discovery Bay Blvd.  Vandalism (youth crime) is an
      ongoing issue.

12. After midnight, people race their cars and bikes-motorcycles.  This is very
      disturbing especially on the weekends.

13. Traffic control seems non-existent.  I have watched a 4-way stop for about 1 hr
      and noted that of 30 or so vehicles using the intersection, only 5 or so actually
      stopped.  My wife has had more than a few close calls at this intersection and others. 
     When crossing on foot she has to watch traffic to ensure she sees vehicles approaching
      stop.  She knows not to step into the intersection, even when no vehicles are present,
      since many do not stop.  Too many drivers are approaching stops with no attention to
      driving.  They are using cell phones, putting on make up, reading, or doing something
      which draws their eyes off the road ahead.  If this is considered a problem for the
       CHP, pass it on.

14. My concern is primarily children’s safety (crosswalks, bike riders) vs auto!

15. With the growth in the area, I would like to see more patrols in area to keep
      problems in check.  I would also like to see a crack down on speeders.

16. We see Sheriff vehicles out here pretty frequently – which is very nice – however, the  
       speeding problem on Newport Drive is really bad.

17.       Seems like an additional officer could be funded on speeding ticket revenue? 
  Or-can we as citizens do something to help, i.e. radar gun?

18. Ideally, the portion of Discovery Bay from Clipper and Newport  through to
      Newport Place would be a gated community area.  Would hate to see speed bumps –
      but if it would stop the speeding  problem, it might be necessary. There are
       motorcycles that are so loud they make the car alarms go off.

19. An area of concern is the very young people (under 16) who drive motorized
      scooters, miniature dirt bikes, and golf carts on the streets.  As far as I know there
      have not been any injuries but I feel it is just a matter of time before someone’s child
      and a car meet in the street.

20. Would like to see commercial traffic kept off Newport Dr.  The street is falling
       apart in places.

21. I know that there are only a few vehicle code violations that are enforceable
       within the Country Club Gates.  What has been an escalating problem during the
     “good” weather is the total recklessness of motorcycle riders within the gates. 
      Numerous times I have turned a corner to find an off road biker speeding toward me. 
      They are a constant problem doing “wheelies” up and down Cherry Hill Dr.  The bikes
      are extremely noisy. No helmets, speed in excess of 60 mph, many riders appear to be
      under the legal age to possess licenses. I have been trying to locate the residence
     where they come from to speak with a responsible adult, but have not been able to
     locate it.

21. We have a huge speeding problem on Discovery Bay Blvd. HUGE!

22. Are officers allowed to patrol the “Lakeshore” community?  I’ve never seen
      them in my development.  Speeding vehicles in the Lakeshore community and the rest
      of Discovery Bay is my primary concern.  The stop signs in this community are
       completely ignored as vehicles make no attempts at stopping at them.

23. Our limited experiences with the S.O. have always been pleasant.  Just wish we
       saw more of you to act as a deterrent with some of the problems we have here!

24. We live on one of the cul-de-sac’s and see to many people speeding.  Mostly
      residents going to and from work.  We need “no wake” signs on our streets too.

25. Parking correctly on courts and at corners is important for safety.

26.  We live in the DB Country Club area.  Many kids from outside the country club
       enter the private streets through pedestrian gates with their motorized bikes so that
       they can ride without helmets and the chance of being cited.  Step up street patrol to
       enforce speeding, no helmets, reckless operation of go carts, motorized mini bikes,
       and golf carts by those less than 16.

27.  I’m worried about traffic control and long term plans to accommodate the
       tremendous growth seen in Brentwood and Byron.  It seems that Highway 4 (Byron
       to Brentwood) can’s handle much more.

28. There needs to be some speed control on Bixler.  More of a safe  crosswalk.

29.  I would like to see more speeders caught.  We are not sure if this is your      
       responsibility or that of the CHP.  We live on Discovery Pay Blvd., and the speed
       limit is 25 mph with many people going 35-40+ mph.  We can barely turning our
      driveway without getting hit.  Need speed bumps.  Need a stop sign at Discovery Bay
      Blvd. and Beach Ct./Cabrillo Point.

30. I am tired of speeders on Newport Dr., though this may be a CHP issue.

31.  Speeding down Discovery Bay Blvd. is a major problem!  It’s going to take a child
       getting killed before someone will do something about it!

32.  I live on Regatta Drive, and I have lived here for 4 years.  People drive down my
       street at race speeds!  I have two boys who love to play outside and with the way
       people drive on Regatta I do not feel it is safe.  I have spoken to the sheriff before
       and sometimes they will sit on the street but not at the right times.  Mornings are bad
       but 2:30 p.m. through 6:00 p.m. is unreal.  If you would put an officer out watching
       for speeders on Regattta Drive, you could make a million dollars with the price of

33. Discovery Bay drivers are a joke…they speed up and down D.B. Blvd., and 
      they show the same disrespect for laws on the water.  We have called on that at least
      3 occasions to report issues on the water and on our street with, from my standpoint,
       very little response from the officers patrolling our streets. My wife and I are
       concerned that if assertive action is not taken crimes will escalate in our community.  

34. I personally have concerns about the traffic by the middle school during the
      beginning and the end of school.  The trucks have no concern. They seem to speed
      through this area during those high traffic times.

35. I do a lot of bike riding.  The speeding, regardless of the street, is so out of
      control it is unsafe to be on the street.  I have not seen your “your speed is” trailer
     for many months.  It seems that drivers learn their driving tactics in Discovery Bay,
      then take and use them on Highway 4, Byron Highway, and Vasco.

36. I would like to see better traffic enforcement.  Not for people doing 30 in a
      25 mph zone, but real speeding like 60 mph or more down Willow Lake Rd.  I have
      been passed twice in the last year on Willow Lake Rd.  In the summer months these
      extreme speeds are a daily occurrence.  Friday and Saturday nights are the worst. 
     Please do what ever it takes to stop these people who have o regard for safety on our

37. I feel there needs to be more control of speeding on Discovery Bay Blvd.  and
      adjacent streets.  I rarely see officers issuing tickets.

38.  We have people speeding on Willow Lake, kids and animals are on this road…
       we had our car window broken on our street many times, with cars broken into and
       things missing.

39.  If we had speed bumps, speeders using Newport Dr. and other thoroughfares
       in the DB areas would most likely avoid use of these streets and go where posted
       speed is 50-55, not 25 mph. (just to not have to slow down for the speed bumps.) 
       WE are told we cannot get speed bumps because the county will not allow them…but
       Brentwood and other cities have numerous residential area with speed bumps—
       Fairview Dr. is a perfect example.

40. There needs to be more traffic enforcement in the area of Discovery Bay Blvd.
       and Riverlake Rd.  There are many vehicles that violate the vehicle code such as
       VC22350 & VC23109.  These violations that are broken every day are dangerous
       and cause noise problems.

41. I live on Newport Drive and the speed is out of control.  I have called to make
      reports and never any help. Always push it off to the CHP – WHY? Can’t the Sheriff
      Dept give tickets?  Also the Sheriffs speed down Newport just like everyone else!!

42. Speeding – often it feels like a drag race on Discovery Bay Blvd. and Willow Lake
      stop sign.  Is there a prize for who makes it to Highway 4 first? Add women on cell
      phones with children in the car.  That really is multi-tasking.  Lastly, stop signs!  Living
      next to one I see more Hollywood stops.  Maybe it should read “pausing okay”  That
      goes for police cars too!  Younger drivers 20 mph seems acceptable.  I keep looking
      for the fire, but there isn’t one!

43.  Speed limit enforcement – Clipper Dr. as an example- could  be stepped up.

44. Small motorcycles run up and down near Cove Street – definitely over  the speed limit.

45.  On New Year’s Eve I saw at least 5 Sheriff’s cars patrolling our neighborhood
        looking for firework culprits.  I feel that they should focus on the drunk drivers and
        speeders as there are many around our residential streets.

46. Cars are driving too fast up and down Willow Lake Road and Discovery Bay Road –
      also lots of loud cars.

47. We really need to be more strict on speeders along Newport Dr. There are many
       children biking and/or walking to school here.  I live  along Newport Dr. and I
      personally see highway speeds on this street.

48. Speeding seems to be a big problem on Newport Drive.

49. I understand no agency patrols the County Club area for traffic law enforcement. 
      I very much would like to see that change.  On through streets it is like a race track.

50. We live on Newport Dr. and speeding is a major issue.  If it is allowed to   continue, a
      speeding driver is going to hit (I hope not kill) someone,  walking, running, or riding a

51. Place more stop signs on Newport Dr. or speed  bumps on Discovery  Bay Blvd.

52. Mini cycles and go-carts are a problem.  They are so low they are hard to see
       when going out of a driveway.  The constant back and forth is a noise problem. 
       I am on Starboard Drive.

53. I firmly believe that the whole community is very tired of listening to non-muffled
      motorized skateboards ridden by 12-16 year olds who have no respect for anyone but
      themselves.  Somehow our community laws are being grossly abused.  To summarize,
      let’s get those damn machines off our community’s streets.

54. One bone I need to address is the scooters (gasoline driven-extremely noisy).  The
       problem has been going on for 3 years or more I confronted the deputy and his reply
       was that it is a Highway Patrol problem.  This a “catch 22” situation – neither party
       enforced the illegal situation.  They are out at all times of the night.  You can hear
      them, but you can’t see them.  Sooner or later one of them will be hit by a car – then
      major lawsuits will occur.  The speed limit on Disco Bay Blvd. is 25 mph.  Most
      people drive 35-50 mph.

55. Speeding and running stop signs within Lakeshore community, which is gated, has
      become a real problem.  The Sheriff’s office told me I hat to contact the Highway
      Patrol, but the CHP says it is private property. Something needs to be done before
      somebody gets hurt or killed.  Please help!!

56.There are a lot of neighbors that own Harley Davidsons that come home late and
     rev their engines early in the morning.  It can get very annoying. But the biggest issue in
     our neighborhood is speeding.  I would like to see speed bumps put in to discourage
     speeding. There has already been an accident since we moved in (April ’05).  There
     are lots of kids that play in the streets, and it worries me.  We live on Regatta Drive in
     Discovery Bay.  I would appreciate if it this issue could be looking into.

57.Lots of kids walking to school – construction trucks going too fast!

59.Traffic on Discovery Bay Blvd. is getting bad and the speeds are too  high.

60.Traffic flow, speeding, etc. are becoming more of an issue as population  increases.

62. I live on the main boulevard where traffic is expectedly higher. However, the
      amount of speeding that occurs right in front of my house is incredible.  What does it
      take to have the radar signs that displays a driver’s speed placed in our neighborhood
      for several weeks?

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Decreased response time

1.  Improve response to Sheriff for Assistance.  Responding in 1 – 1 ½ hrs. is  not
     acceptable.  This happened on a noise disturbance call.

2.  I’m very concerned about response time to emergencies.  Numerous accidents
     around us occur from excessive speed and basic traffic violation.  I feel prevention
     is critical to a safe environment. Increase patrols would greatly deter violators.

3.  Have an officer nearby in case there is a problem. If we have to call we would
     expect a quick response.

4.  It is very simple.  “Just do your job”.  Neighborhood watch does not work  in
     Discovery Bay – response time is a problem.  We need patrol.

5.  Witnessed a car break in – called 911 – took 1 hour to respond.  “No  police
      after midnight” in Discovery Bay – Unacceptable – Pay taxes to protect.

6.  Deputies seem to ignore obvious parking violations during routine  patrols. They do
     respond when a resident reports or complaints.

7.  All generations know it takes “x” amount of time before the sheriff’s department
     responds to an incident.  Therefore, they know how long they have to act!

8. I have just moved to Discovery Bay so I haven’t had any reason to contact the
     department as yet and hope I don’t see a need in the future.  However, I have heard
     that response time isn’t good here in Discovery Bay and that things aren’t important to
     the department.  I sincerely hope that isn’t true. Perhaps this will help and I hope you
     get lots of response. 

9.  We feel that the presence of a patrol in our area is very beneficial.

10. Be more readily available when the need arises.  Have a quick response  to calls.

11. My only real concern is how long the response time would be by the Sheriff’s
      patrol to my home if I needed them in a hurry./  I have lived in Discovery Bay for 25
      years, and I feel safe here.  I have not needed to call the Sheriff and I hope it stays that
      way.  This is a place to feel safe.

12. After our home alarm went off about 3:00 a.m., it took a deputy 45 minutes to get to
      our home.

13. Have made a couple of phone calls.  One to report unsafe driving on my street. 
      Another to report noise disturbance. While the Sheriff’s office did  respond, response
     was very slow.

14. Response time was very poor – too long.

15. High visibility and quick response times to incident call ins usually result  in lower crime
      and other law violations.

16. I feel the attitude out here in Discovery Bay is you can do anything andget away
      with it because by the time enforcement is called and they arrive out here, the guilty are
      long gone.  People know we don’t have our own police – that delay gives so much
     opportunity to do the crime and go.  The speeding and tires laying rubber is horrible. 
     In front of our house – it’s how fast can we take this corner?

17.       In Disco Bay it takes way too long for a Sheriff to respond.  They seem to be around but not when you need them.

18.        Quicker response time.

19.       The response time to D.B. has been over 20 minutes.

20.        Faster response to neighborhood disturbances.

21.        Slow response time to calls to Sheriff’s office, especially during July 4.

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Youth Crime/Issues for activities

1.  Nothing for teens to do except “hang out” that turns into some trouble and then,
     real trouble.  We need a teen center or something.

2. Try to get something for the youths to do or something for them to join in  the
     evenings.  I know our church has a youth group, but youths do not need religion
     pushed down their throats.  They need a large hall, and  different games, etc. to occupy
     their minds. And need a good leader so they won’t need drugs or get into trouble,
     mischief is made with idle  hands.

3.  My feedback would be to curb teenage gangs and vandalism and  burglary,
     there have been many garage robberies as we all know off.  I believe there is no
     place for teen age kids to go in Discovery Bay, and that in it self can be a big problem.

4.      Would like to see more prevention programs that deal with youth violence and drug activities at all local schools – elementary, middle, and high schools.

5. Living in a rural area young kids have very little to do.  We need programs and a place
    for teens to hang out….  “idle hands…”

6.  Any suspicious, large groups of teens/young people should be immediately monitored
     or broken up. There has been a large number of “home invasion parties” where the
     residents are not home and the kids use the vacant homes for partying.  Also, a
     surveillance camera should be placed in the back of the Safeway shopping center to
     thwart the constant car vandalism and robberies.

7. My main concern is in the youth loitering in the shopping centers--  Hwy 4 and the
    Discovery Bay centers.  They’re noisy and dump over garbage cans, do donuts in the
    parking lots, etc.  One of the businesses that moved in to the center had their bathroom
    vandalized, and loitering kids picked up the toilet next to the dumpster and smashed it
   on the ground.  They are loud and so is the music in their cars.  The base rattles our
   walls in the town home complex.

8. Patrolling the neighborhood in our area of Lakeshore a few times seems reasonable. 
    But the area across from Safeway at Bixler is very questionable.  Please patrol them as
    often as possible.  When driving through to a playground, it seems to have a lot of
    unsupervised teens and thugs just hanging out.

9.  My concern is the youth. I really feel there needs to be an out-reach program with
    the youth like there was at one time.  The youth have a lot of time on their hands with
    not a lot of things out her to do.  Community work is so important.

10. There is a general sense here (in DB) that the Sheriff is not very effective – often
      times seemingly unwilling to take action.  There is entirely too much teenage
      hooliganism and theft.

11.Need more neighborhood patrol for vandalism and youth-related crimes.

12. Youth – unattended, roam the parks/streets – results in vandalism, theft (petty), and
       destruction of property.

14. It seems like the parks in Discovery Bay are a popular hang out for teenagers
      at night.  It would be great to know that the Sheriff’s office patrols the parks a lot.
      Thanks for all you do.  We’d love more sheriff deputies in Disco Bay!!

15. Wild parties at 1942 Windward Pt.  – mostly under-aged kids parked and walking
      up and down the street drinking beer.  Have seen on two occasions guys urinating in
     the street.  Also they are speeding and disrupting the whole neighborhood.  The next
     day there are beer cans and cigarettes all over the street.  Have been told by neighbors
     on their side that pot is being smoked on their deck. Have called the sheriff many
     times.  They might drive by but have done nothing as far as I know.

16.There should be a curfew for kids.

17. The young kids roaming the streets, knocking down mailboxes (happened last year) 
       is a problem.  More patrol presence maybe help with cars speeding where kids
       are out.  I have lived out here 13 years and have had very few problems directly. 
       However, I hear of many involving young kids.  Thanks for any support you can give
       to us.

18. In the 24 years I have resided in D.B., the biggest problems I’ve been aware
      of rose and fell over the years depending on how many unsupervised youth were living
      on my street. At times I became fearful of them, but they and their parents eventually
       moved away.  When these problems arise now and then, I am hesitant to report them
       because I am an older woman living alone.  I understand that a complaint would
       require my stating my name – which would leave me vulnerable to reprisal.

19. We need more neighborhood patrol.  Also the Dash Market needs more patrol
       as well as the shopping center.  Young kids always are hanging around blocking
       people from trying to get in and out!  I live on a dead end block.  Too many cars
      driving through.  My tire caps are always stolen.  We are full time people here…and
       lot are weekend people.

20. Gangs and vandalism also seem to go hand in hand.  By pushing out gangs
      you reduce the tendency of teens to commit vandalism.  Disco Bay parents should be
      told that gangs are not cute and they are liable for their teen’s activities.

21. If you could check the Discovery Bay shopping Center by Aladino’s Pizza, kids
      smoke and loiter there and also at the Vallero gas station. Thank you.

22. We called about some youth related vandalism, and the officer gave us the
       impression and feeling that we were a bother.

23.     We own a business in the old Disco Bay shopping centers and have witnessed on MANY occasions kids back there – I am positive drug deals go on back there because I drive up and kids turn around with terrified looks and then get in their cars and take off.

24.       Harbor Bay Condo residents have a problem with loud and rowdy teenage parties.  We do have a problem with enforcing our CC& R’s.  We understand that the law cannot help us with most of our problems.

25.       I leave my home at approximately 3:45 every day.  In the spring and summer there are many groups of young (12-17) kids all over the streets just roaming around.  If I see it every day why doesn’t the 2 deputies that patrol out here see them.  Also, the cars speeding around at night burning rubber, racing and wake me up at night (all night).  If I can hear them 1-2 miles away, why can’t the 2 deputies?  We are too easy on the young punks out here.

26.       See lots of graffiti, spray painting, etc. off Newport.  This indicates lots of gang activities.

27.       Juvenile crime has caused much damage to the community and should be dealt
  with harshly.  Many kids involved have not been punished for their crimes for
  whatever legal reasons.  A strong deputy presence may help reduce these crimes
  since they are not going to be prosecuted.

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1.  As the city and its citizens grow and prosper, it is perhaps inevitable that we
     will suffer being the target of theft, both from individuals within the  area and
     outside the area.

2.  There are particular vulnerabilities from water and road, and we should consider
     changes and other measures (such as technology) to safeguard our homes and
     possessions.  Garage theft of the hit-and-run variety is a particular concern.

3.  Try to stop vandalism.

4.  I have had my truck broken into 2 times, my home vandalized one time, and my
     boat stereo stolen once in 15 years.

5.  Lots of new mail theft.

6.  I am a resident and I work in D. Bay.  My home is on a fairly quiet cul-de-sac
     but I work at the shopping center. (1540 D.B. Blvd.) and we have huge vandalism
     issues.  Our parking lot is always a mess in the morning.  Monday mornings are the
     worst.  The Hofmann Co. has added a brighter light and that hasn’t seemed to slow
     down the vandalism.

7.  We are not there all the time (Disco Bay).  We are most concerned that we do
      not have burglary when we’re gone.  Also, I keep my garage door closed when we
     are there because I heard of theft into the garage when the door is left open in the past.

8. I have had quit a few items left out for charitable organizations stolen before
    organization pick up!  I will change my method of leaving these items out in my
     driveway from now on.

9.  My husband and I have lived in Discovery Bay since 1989 and have always felt safe
     until the last 2 to 3 years.  Since then we’ve had our car vandalized, an attempted
      break in of our garage in the middle of the night, and over this Christmas Holiday our
      mail stolen out of our mailbox  All of this – and we live on the Golf Course with a
     Guard!  I’m not sure what can be done but possibly a greater presence would help.

10. With so much construction and remodeling we have outsiders who can “case”
      the area for burglary opportunities.  We need for them to know Discovery Bay has
      zero “O” tolerance for crimes.

11.  Need to control vandalism.

12. Need more neighborhood patrols late at night.  Car wheels and vandalism have
       been noticed.  Drive bys of Latinos have been noticed.  This is not south side L.A.!

13.  Theft and destruction of property are the items of greatest concern.

14.  This survey listed a lot of the main problems in our neighborhood.  I think a
        lot of our crimes are related to teens vandalizing and stealing.  My children attend
       Discovery Bay Elementary and our school gets vandalized a lot—especially during the
       breaks and on weekends.  Some examples in the past 2 years have been vulgar
        words written around campus, bonfires that have been set over the weekend, and a
        huge mess left from it, fecal matter rubbed all over classroom doors, and our school
       sign has been vandalized several times.  I think there should be patrols in the school
       area during, after school hours, and on weekends.

15. The reports of theft and vandalism seem quite high tone considering our location
      and the higher income level required to live here.  I have lived in higher density
      locations and suburbs with significantly less or almost no criminal activity.

16.  I would like to see a reduction in theft.  My house as broken into and nothing
       was done and no attempt made to catch persons or keep this from occurring to
      others.  It is a big problem, much more than traffic violations.  I’m not sure if this isn’t
       more of reflection on the detectives who are not part of the D.B. Sheriffs, but maybe
       it should be because cars are being stolen houses broken into, in part because of the
       reputation for nothing being done out here.

17. My car was stolen at 9:30 a.m.  I was referred to the CHP even though a deputy
       was in the sub-station—thus a delay, and 4 hrs. later the vehicle is recovered totally
       stripped.  I’m told by the CHP this is a big problem in the area.  However, it is not
       accurately reflected by the Sheriff’s office as they handle these repots.  The morning
       my car was taken, 4 others were taken as well.  4 others were recovered that were
       stolen from other areas and stripped.  If we had better patrols, we could not be as
       vulnerable to vehicle thefts and vehicle burglaries/larcenies.  My neighbor’s car was
       been broken into 4 times in 1 year.  He have given upon the system.  It appears more
       time is spent on parking complaints, kids skateboarding, and hanging out.

18. We just had our stone mailbox smashed the night of Jan. 13, 2006.  No trace
      (4795 Discovery Point) We enjoy the community and welcome the patrol cars
       with a friendly wave.

19. Car burglary is way too high out here and needs much more attention. I don’t feel
      I could live out here and feel safe without owning a gun of my own, so I can protect
      my family when your men are off patrolling  Bethel Island.

20. Just because we are a gated community does not exempt us from Sheriffs Patrol
       and Assistance.  We have had numerous break-ins and robberies.  There is also
       traffic irregularities and wrong parking, etc.  Our HOA stinks.  They are too busy with
       strife amongst themselves to pay concern to our safety and rules being enforced.

21. We need more night time presence.  We have too much vandalism occurring 
       in the evening hours.

22.  My car has been stolen twice since we moved in.  My truck has had a rock
       thrown through a window in an attempt to steal the contents.  My neighbor had a
        trailer stolen.  I caught someone sealing my neighbor’s Christmas decorations.  All of
        this occurred between 12 midnight and 6 a.m.  This would be the best time to patrol. 
       My neighbors and I have discussed installing video cameras.  We are all willing to
       participate in a neighborhood watch program and would welcome any help the
       sheriff’s office has to offer.

23. We live on St. Andres Ct. – our mail was torn open and strewn on the street
      before Christmas.  Two weeks later someone delivered another letter of ours found
      opened and wet in the road.  This is a concern.  Apparently it also happened on
      Augusta Ct.

24.  As you know many of the homes in Disco Bay are occupied part time. I do watch
       over my neighbor’s property – the biggest concern I have is theft and burglary.  Autos
       sometimes are stolen.  But burglary is very high on my list as I don’t want burglars in
      my home – it’s intrusive.

25.  Our main concern is auto theft/break-ins in the area and people leaving cars in the
       parking lot for extended periods of time.

26.  There seems to be people cruising and engaging in crimes of opportunity  (theft from

27.  Most important is crime prevention like theft and burglary. I feel safe in Discovery
        Bay, but we need law and order at all times with common sense and good judgment.

28.       My wife and I manage Discovery Bay Storage.  Theft and vandalism on vehicles, 
  boats, and RV’s has been a big problem and continues to get worse at each of our
  parking lots located on Newport and Bixler.

29.       More patrol in golf course – car broken into in driveway – we chased off  the
people.  Electric scooter stolen from driveway.  People are coming in    w/o reason and waiting until dark to burglarize houses.  Also hopping over wall backing up to Hwy. 4, then burglarizing houses, and driving toward Stockton.

1.  Many times you will see large boats and trailers parked on the main streets
     (Discovery Bay Blvd. and Willow Lake Dr.)  This makes an unsafe condition. With this
     condition, coupled with all the people who walk on the street (not on the sidewalk),
     I’m shocked no one has been killed.

2.  Enforcement of long-term motor home parking is okay but should be waived for
     visitors.  I have family who visit from 5-7 days once a year, and they are hassled every

3.  There has been a car with a flat tire on my street for 2 weeks (Pelican Court).

4.  Don’t be concerned about the letter of the law – re: ticket for parking RV 1 ft. onto my
     driveway to relieve traffic and not destroying pavement with jacks – which are needed
     if I park further into street.

5.  There is not enough parking enforcement in our neighborhood.  I’m still seeing trailers
     parked on the street for days at a time.

6.  There is not enough parking enforcement in our neighborhood.  I’m still seeing trailers
     parked on the street for days at a time.  Problems with motorcycles (4-wheelers and
     mini-bikes) running up and down our streets…one if from 3977 Seagull Ct. and the
     other from 3561 Sailboat.

7.  There needs to be a focus on the violations of boat, and RV trailers and what the
     Discovery Bay code is.  We live in the Edgewater subdivision and on Cambridge alone
     there has been a double jet ski trailer parked on the street for 2 months.  There is also
     a white SUV limo that is either taking up its full share of the road or blocking the
     sidewalk.  The people store it @ their residence.  This is just a couple of violations.

8.  On street RV/Boat parking should be allowed but limited to 72 hours (3 days).  Boat
      trailers should be allowed on driveways for up to 5 days.  A Disco Bay small sub-
      station would be good with the growth of the area.

9.  There is not enough parking enforcement in our neighborhood.  I’m still seeing trailers
     parked on the street for days at a time.

10. Suggestions: when calling regarding parking violations (re: Big Trucks, RV’s, etc)

·        Should not make you feel it is not important.

·        Also should not tell offenders who complained.

·       Offenders of parking should get a bigger ticket.  Some people just keep parking there Big Trucks and RV –no matter how often you complain.

11. Parking enforcement is also important to me, but feel that crime and neighborhood
      patrol are the most needed and time well spent

12. Do not enforce trailers in yard laws.  This is a waste of our tax money!  Be more
     concerned with real crimes.

13.  We live in the gated country club area so street parking of boats, RV’s, etc. is
       not a big issue for us.  Also because we are gated, we have very little than traffic
       to worry about.

14.  Driving through the main parts of Disco Bay, on street parking of old vehicles,
       boats, RV’s etc. continues to be a major eyesore and is the main reason we
       chose to buy a home in the country club.  We see much more partying and
        problems also in these other areas of our community.

15. I am not concerned about minor parking violations.

16.  As to parking, I know for certain local neighbors park for days without a
      citation.  Just because we live in a court should not be an excuse.  You should
       patrol more often.

17. I’ve seen derelict cars and trucks with trash parked on streets for months near
      Discovery Bay/Beach Ct.

18. A very important issue is that of illegal parking of recreation vehicles in the street.

19.  Problems with parking, boats, and R.V.’s

20.  Discovery Bay is a unique community and should be treated as such.  Boat trailers, RV’s, etc. parked on people’s property is ok by me even if it doesn’t conform to county standards.

21.  Problems with boat trailers on streets, utility trailers on streets, dual wheel vehicles parked on streets.

22.  I feel that enforcement is not happening with boats and vehicles being parked on the street off of Cove.  These are the streets off of Cove that have cars parked all over and some never move.

23.  Street cleaners are unable to clean the streets because of cars and boats parked on the street.

24.  I live on Foghorn Way and as indicated I would like to see parking enforcement.  I feel all cars should be parked off the street.  It is hard to back out of your driveway when vehicles on the street obscure your vision.  Also, the neighborhood looks trashy with cars parked everywhere.  I there are covenants to cover this, then a warning should be issued and after that I would like to see people ticketed.

25.  Parking violations: probably should be more selective.  Junkers at the curb or in a drive way too long is not good.  Trailers in driveway should be okay if small and not left too long. Short term parking on the wrong side should be okay especially on side streets.

26.  Far too much emphasis is put on the “recreational vehicle” parking issue.  We are a recreational community.  I would rather see those efforts put toward crime prevention and educating youths.

27.  Our major concern is parking of commercial or recreational vehicles on Windward Pt.  Some homes keep numerous inoperative vehicles in their driveways which begins to look trashy if they remover over a long period of time.  Presently a dumpster is on the street near the corner and it protrudes into the street, and if it were foggy, cars could easily hit it.  I feel the dumpster should be kept in the driveway of the home, not on the street.

28.  Parking of business vehicles, boats, R.V.’s and trailers is a major  problem.  Please ticket all violators.

36.Assist CHP in enforcement of illegal vehicle use on streets; such as motor driven   
     skateboards, mini motorcycles, etc.  Education for parents about use of thee types of
     vehicles is also needed.

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1. We have fireworks all year log.  It has gotten worse.  We (my husband and I) have
     been in Discovery Bay 20 years.  The last two years it is terrible---meaning fireworks.

2.  Work on stopping illegal fireworks.

3.  You already know this, but fireworks are definitely out of hand.

4.  I think one of the major problems is fireworks/gunshots.  We live at Lakeshore
     and we hear them from across the bay behind our home.  I talk with Discovery Bay
     folks and they say the same problem.

5.  Noise and fireworks only seem to occur on Holidays – 4th of July – Xmas and New

6.  July 4th and New Year’s fireworks got “way” out of hand this year.  The worst we’ve
    observed since 1988.

7.  Reduce noise on July 4th.

8.  The “no tolerance” policy re: fireworks was a real joke.  Had the Sheriff’s Dept.
      put one patrol boat on the D.B. waters, they could have written citations all night
     on 7/4.  Offenders can only be located from the water since fireworks are discharged
     from docks.

9.  In regards to fireworks, if there is a complaint against someone, the  Sheriff’s
     department should be allowed to fine and arrest that person.

10. Leave the fireworks of individuals alone on the 4th of July.  It is the only day to
     enjoy…let them enjoy. Noise/disturbance is too broad.  If it is  music, leave it alone. 
     If it is barking dogs, fines need to be imposed.

11.  On the July 4 weekend of 2005, there was excessive amounts of illegal fireworks
       in Lakeshore.  I had remnants in my pool and on the roof of my 2-story home.  And
      w/fireworks comes minors and underage drinking in the street.  Those streets being
      Cumberland Way and Bridgeport Loop –hint, hint!

12.  Enforce the laws.  Enforce illegal parking, fireworks, and loud parties.

13. I feel a lot more could be done on the fireworks.  However, it is police and firemen
      that are setting them off. They are from other areas e.g. San Jose, Hayward, Oakland,
      San Leandro, etc.  The deputies are put in a very lousy position, so a blind eye is had
      by all.  However, it is going to backfire when a roof is set on fire.  Then people will
      start to name names.

14. If we had a phone number to report the constant fire works going off, it would be
      great.  Post it in the Discovery Bay Press if possible.  It’s like a war zone on holiday

15. Illegal fireworks a major concern – fire department is woefully understaffed ( I am a
      volunteer firefighter for another district).

16.  Fireworks are a significant fire hazard. There should be large fines for violations.

17.   One of my main concerns is fireworks – the type of fireworks used in Discovery Bay are not allowed in the State.  But more than that, they have enough powder to be considered an illegal explosive device – a felony. That creates an existing circumstance and allows officers to make entry onto private property.  The configuration of Discovery Bay and the openness of access and visibility to the lake/delta make it much less difficult to see the location of the fireworks launch site.  I would expect more than 4 misdemeanor citations to be issued.

18. I appreciate the effort of firework patrol!  Every year fireworks cause 100’s of
      thousands of dollars in damage to canvas canopies, boat covers, and deck furniture.
      Hopefully this will stop soon! 

18.  My main concern for years has been fireworks…before and after July 4.  In my bay, Indian Bay, boats come in and anchor just to watch.  Last year I called both the Sheriff’s office and Delta stations and was assured there was a plan to cite fireworks offenders.  This did not happen.  I called and was told as I could make a citizen’s arrest.  I am not comfortable with the idea of confrontation.

19.  I’ve almost had to get rid of our dog (which we love) due to the fireworks.  Please continue dollars to increase your efforts to stop fireworks. 

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Speeding on the water/Marine issues

1.  Concerned over speed violations in water (5 mile/hr “no wake  zone).

2.  The jet skis or boats that don’t adhere to the 5 mile zone is of concern.  Seems most
     of  them are younger in age – and just don’t seem to care. Any help here would be

3.  Marine patrol is good, but worry more about the fast water sloughs than  the local
     bays, another waste and just hassling people.

4.  The only time most boaters obey the no wake area is if they see the marine patrol
      and all they get is a warning.  If there was a “0” tolerance on wakes it would sure
      slow people down and make the foam under the docks last longer.  I would love to
      have a sheriff sit at my dock (out of sight) for about 2 hours in the evening when all the
      boaters that have been drinking all day and could care less about the laws and rules
      come back in and are in a hurry to get home.  Thanks.

5.  D.B. is a “no wake area” .  This is no longer being enforced.  Ski boats and
     wave runners along with fisherman are always in a hurry to get to fast water.  The no
     wake infraction ranges from minor to 40-50 mph at 2 AM.  We need a marine
     presence in Discovery Bay before someone gets killed.  My mistake – someone
     already has – it was a little girl with no life jacket.  She was overcome by carbon
    monoxide and fell off the back of boat.

6.  The marine patrol should enforce the no wake speed (5 mph maximum) by stopping
     violators and warning them.  Then sometimes other violations would be apparent i.e.
    drinking, safety, noise (loud music), etc.

7.  We have no protection at all on the bayside of our homes.  I have caught people trying
      to seal canoes and kayaks off of my dock.  I was told by the Sheriff’s office when I
      called that there is not much they could do and it would take 2 ½ hours to get the
      coast guard out there. To make it short, it is someone’s responsibility to protect the
      residents on the water side and it is not done.

8. Tough boating rules and enforcements would make our waters safer.

9.  Far too many people are “under the influence” while driving boats.

10. Marine patrol – would like to see the no wake zones enforced on Indian Slough,
      Kellogg Creek, and Warner’s Cut.

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Emergency Preparedness

1.  No emergency evacuation procedures in effect for this area.

2. Are there plans to provide emergency services in the event of a national
     emergency such as a pandemic as a result of a global avian flu outbreak?  Is
     there a plan?  Who controls the plan?  How is your department involved?

3.       You need to devise a plan for schools (students, teachers, administration) for an “active shooter”.  Include a pre-plan prior to your arrival at the scene.

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1. Drugs and sales/parties are the cause of both above.  Please fight the
     drug problem in adults as well as kids – re: crank.   Thank you.

2.  I feel there is a real problem with drug use here.

3.  From what I have read perhaps the Sheriff’s office might consider an undercover
     drug operation to keep predators away from our young.

4. The Sheriff’s office seems to be focusing a lot on parking enforcement and boat
     violations. Yet drug sales seem to happen in pain sight. It could lead one to believe      
that the focus in on revenue not safety.

6. Patrol the park (Cornell) more often especially during the summer time. Kids are
    drinking and doing drugs, and under age kids are there a lot after 10:00 p.m.

7.  We are new to Discovery Bay, and on the outside everything looks beautiful. 
     However, I have an 8th grader (new to the public school system) and he has witnessed
     several students attempting to sell drugs (which he as reported to the principal
     anonymously).  He also has seen teasing and bullying at Excelsior take place.  This the
     amount of new residents, the crime and drug rate (although lower than most areas) will
     continue to be a problem.  Just thought you ought to know.

8. Drugs are probably the single largest cause of burglary – when you deal with
    one you effect the other.

9. Other than theft and burglary, the #1 priority should be narcotics and drug  sales.

10. We need a proactive plan for illicit sales and use of drugs at schools.

11. Get rid of the dope dealing and cooking people on Kelso Rd. and Islands  near
       Byron so we tax paying people can live a peaceful life without having triple locks on
       everything and guns at hand.

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Positive Comments:

1.      I have lived in Discovery Bay for 17 years.  Considering the financial constraints the department has, I appreciate the additional coverage the sheriff’s office has tried to place in Discovery Bay.  When I first moved out here you very rarely ever saw a sheriff deputy’s car.  I see them all the time now.  And this is with Discovery Bay having a very low serious crime rate.  The department is doing a good job.

2.      Thanks.

3.      Appreciate the form and asking for our opinion!

4.      The Sheriff’s Department has done a good job in Discovery Bay.

5.   Thanks for letting us offer some feedback on our neighborhood!

6.      We think they are doing well with such a short staff.

7.      You have excellent service!

8.      You are very visible on my street (Discovery Bay Blvd.)  It makes me feel safe and helps with the speeding.  Thank  you!!

9.      Thank you for providing us a safe neighborhood!!

10.  Thank you!

11.  Great Job

12.  Thanks and Happy New Year!!

13.  I think the Sheriff’s office is doing a really good job.

14.  Jason Ingrassia is a wonderful Deputy and one of the most  professional I have met.

15.  Keep up the great job!!  My family and I know you are all extremely busy, and risk a lot every day on the job, but you are much appreciated.

16.  I very much appreciated your attendance and reports at our Town Council meetings.  It is with embarrassment and disappointment that I witnesses a Mr. Barry Hinds (Council Member) personal statement that was negative and addressed to the Deputy in attendance – totally uncalled for and an embarrassment to the council and residents. He has since resigned for the Board – rightfully should have done so.  Keep up the Good Work and we look forward to increased budgets!!!

17.  Thank you for all that you do!

18.  I have had to call a few times and I really appreciate the help I have received.

19.  All of my contacts with the sheriff’s dept. over 15 years as a homeowner in Disco Bay have been positive.  Please don’t let a few old men with nothing better to do in their life but complain set the tone.  Most residents I’ve spoken with realize the situation we’re in.  The only way to remedy some of the problems is more sheriffs.

20.  Thanks – we know you are doing the best you can with the budget you have to work with  - more money – more protection.

21.  Gentlemen, you are doing a fine job, response is very good.

22.  Given the amount of personnel that can work our area…the sheriff’s department does a pretty good job.  I believe Sheriffs  presence in the area acts as a deterrent…..just need to see more of you.  Thanks!

23.  The police are doing something right (compliment) because I rarely hear of crime or trouble in our neighborhood.  Making people aware, through the newspaper, is a great way to help prevent crime.  I feel I am consciously aware and read that it is out there, so I do what I can to protect my family.  Thank you to the department!  This survey made me feel good; it showed me that our community matters.

24.  From what I have experienced in the last 2 years here in Discovery Bay I would say that you guys are doing a great job.

25.  Thanks for the great work!

26.  Having lived in Fresno, Discovery Bay seems like a “breath of fresh air”.  I am concerned about keeping it nice.  That is why police patrols are great!

27.  Keep up the good work.  Please continue to work with the SMAC group.  After the Discovery Bay town meeting of 1-4-06 I can see why the Sheriff and officers would be reluctant to attend ever again.  Please accept our apologies.

28.  I think they do there job well.  I’m happy with them so far.  And I have no complaints.

29.  Thank you for the survey.  What a great idea to help involve us!

30.  Being a sheriff can be a very challenging job.  Keep up the hard work.

31.  Good job.  Thank you!

32.  The Sheriff’s department is doing a good job!

33.  The Sheriff’s department does a fine job and they are around enough.  The people who complain are all over 50 with nothing else to do.

34.  Thank you for your participation in our community. this is a valuable part of the service you provide.  If the treatment at meetings is ever unprofessional, please take steps to let the citizens know.  WE can elect different, more professional representatives.  I apologize for the past behavior of our community representatives.

35.   I found the deputies I have come in contact with to be very courteous and knowledgeable.

36.  Realizing the nature of this community and the relatively small population, I feel we receive optimum support service, protection, and response from the Sheriff’s Dept.  It is most appreciated.  Semper fi.

37.  Used to live on Marina Rd. – Sheriff response was always good – now ingolf course – different clientele

38.  I am generally happy with the service provided.

39.  You are doing a good job!  We just need more of it.

40.  Overall the Sheriff’s Dept. does a great job.  No complaints.  Thank you all for your service.  Best wishes for a safe 2006.

41.  Keep up the good work and bless you for helping to protect us.

42. Thanks for all you do! Thank you for your hard work.  It is appreciated.

42.  Thank you for giving us the chance to reply and taking information about our concerns.

43.  I am very pleased we have a sub-station here in Discovery Bay.

44.  Thanks for the good job you guys and gals are doing.

45.  I am very happy to have your presence in our community. I appreciate it! Thank you.

46.  I think your department is doing a great job.  I see your patrols regularly and my contact with your department has always been handled in a professional manner.

47.  There has been local controversy as to the level of service, and I believe that this is a small, loud, and obnoxious group of people who do not have realistic standards.  The rude and discourteous manner in which the DB Board has treated the sheriff officers is an embarrassment to this community.  Keep up the good work.

48.  Thank you for your service!

53. During any interaction I’ve had with the Sheriff’s Deputies, they have always
      conducted themselves in a very professional and courteous manner.  The Sheriff’s
      Dept. has always responded promptly.  I am very appreciative of the Deputies

54. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to making our town safe.

55. I appreciate your service.  It’s a good feeling seeing the patrol cars in our
      neighborhood. Thank you!

56. We always support your fine work.

57. The officers are doing an excellent job with the time they have.

58. As a resident of East Contra Costa for over 35 years, I have noticed that the
      Sheriff’s Dept. has improved its pro-active patrol in D.B.  Routine patrol during the
      evening and early morning hours may reduce the amount of vehicles stolen from our
      area and discourage negative activity. Thank you for all you do and continue to keep
      our neighborhoods safe.

59. Thank you for all the hard work you do.  I have the utmost respect for the Sheriff’s
      Office an  its deputies.  If there is anything I can do to help (or my wife) let us know. 
      Thanks again.

60. Actually I live in Byron near the Boy’s Ranch. Police come by pretty often and
      there’s not much crime.  I think the patrols deter crime and I encourage you to keep
      up the good work.

61. I appreciate what you are doing here and feel the Dept. is doing a good  job out here. 
      Thank you.

62. Keep up the good work. You all have a very hard job and you would not work in
      such a profession if you were not committed to the citizens and communities that you
      serve.  Crime prevention is not just a couple of patrol vehicles or officers in uniform,
      but the responsibility of all who live in the community. It is easy to place blame on law

63. I think the level of service is GREAT.  I decided to be a pet sitter, so I drive
      around the area a lot and see the sheriffs every day….sometimes many times. 
     Congratulations to Sheriff Ruff for not having staff attend the CSD meetings.  I used to
      be on the Byron MAC and attended some of the Disco Bay meetings.  David Piepho
     is brutal and always “misunderstood”. As a retired city employee, why should any
     person in service to the community be subject to verbal abuse?  I will provide my name
     and phone number in case you ever need a person to speech on your behalf.

64.We live on a very quiet street – no crime that we are aware of.  Neighbors are good,
     and we have no issues.  We think you guys are doing a good job and have
     been  focusing on the right priorities.  Keep up the good work!

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Negative comments:

1.       Stop harassing visitors in motor homes and night time walkers.

2.       Not everyone who walks streets late at night are a problem.  Quit stopping them especially when you know who they are.

3.       The Sheriff’s deputy who responded to vandalism on the whole block of mailboxes was uncaring and basically told me and my neighbor both that if we wanted to catch these people we need to buy a security camera – get evidence and then call the Sheriff!  His attitude made me feel like because I live here I should spend the money for the camera.  We don’t even bother any more.  Our mailbox was robbed at X-mas – oh well – I don’t have a camera!

4.       I have lived in this neighborhood for 3 ½ years and have see  Sheriff’s patrol car maybe twice.  Fireworks around holidays a set off consistently.  Younger neighbors who have move recently congregate I their garages with noise, cars screeching  tires, etc.  One has to wonder why there’s no sign of any law enforcement.

5.       Sheriff’s need to patrol streets more.  We live on Newport Dr Speeders often 45-55 mph.  Need to stay out of Starbucks and do their jobs we the tax payer for….We have been ticketed for parking of the street or more than 72 hours, when others park boats, cars, and motor homes for days even week at a time.  Not a thing DONE.  We lived here for 15 years, it use to be a great place to live. Wow its like living in a big city something most people don’t like it.  The Sheriff’s need to start doing there job not just park on the street or at the coffee shop.  Please try to stop speeding on are streets.  I lose 6 cats to driver going way to fast.  Please put an end to those a.s.a.p.  Thank you for your time to read this.

6.       Stop harassing kids on their go-peds!!

7.       Lighten up on strict enforcement of fireworks “law” in Discovery Bay on 4th of July (Save it for farming communities).

8.       Sheriff’s service is terrible.

9.       A sheriff was called to my residence due to a possible domestic violence situation.  My ex-husband and I at the time were legally separated.  He showed up late at night harassing me.  The sheriff that came told us that he could stay at the home and if he had to come back to the residence again that night one of us was going to jail.  I told the sheriff that my ex was driving here on a suspended license and he was under the influence of narcotics.  Nothing was done by the sheriff and luckily enough my ex left on his own free will.  I lost faith in our county sheriff’s dept. after that.

10.   I was robbed and the sheriff thought I was lying and it was just another drug deal.  They never got any of my things back and I was never informed about what happened.  They didn’t even find my stolen car. I did and got lip from the officer because he had to print it late @ night.

11.   The Sheriff’s Office seems more concerned with fireworks and shutting down parties in the neighborhood. They have walked in to my house uninvited and have not been justified in their actions.  I understand that they have to respond to noise complaints but they take it too far.  Perhaps noise complaints at 10:00 PM on a weekend – especially a holiday weekend should be handled differently.

12.   I live on a cul-de-sac so rarely see a Sheriff on this street.  We fortunately have had no problems/thefts, but a friend on a street near us had a recent middle of the night robbery which the Sheriff caught them and released them after finding stolen credit cards in his pocket.  He still roams the streets of Discovery Bay but has not been picked up or prosecuted.  WHY??

13.   We called several times about illegal fireworks next door – nothing was done. I saw some little wannabe gang-bangers hit another kid – ½ block from Sheriff’s office – no one around – called 911 – I was told that the Sheriff’s Office was familiar with the group, but I didn’t see any consequences.  I was not contacted.

14.   My one interaction was on Discovery Bay Blvd. I had forgot to buckle my seat belt (I always wear it-simple mistake)  six years ago. I had no accidents or tickets ever on my record (20 years +).

The Sheriff did a U-turn across 4 lanes of traffic – almost hitting another car to give me a ticket.  He was very rude – comments like “son, don’t you know how to follow the rules” – yet this officer was extremely overweight – well beyond standards – at least 100 lbs. overweight – a rude, complete slob!  Embarrassing.  I don’t think he knows how to follow the rules (weight standards).

15.   The lack of law enforcement presence in a town this size is appalling.

16.   Officers tend not to take calls to seriously.  They should enforce the law more vigorously.

17.    Do not be arrogant

  • Treat us with respect – do not “put down” or dismiss our concerns or complaints.
  • Offer us options to resolve the issue
  • Do not tell us “there is nothing we can do”.
  • We are not all rich in Discovery Bay – don’t act like our concerns are petty.
  • Don’t tell us everything is a “civil matter”.

18.   15 bikers were lighting off illegal fireworks on Sailboat.  I went there to meet the
officer and identify the group of bikers lighting off the fireworks.  When I drove to
 Sailboat from my house I was confronted by the bikers before the officer arrived. 
 One of the bikers jumped on my car causing damage.  Just at that time the officer
  turned the corners and tried to arrest me for hitting the man with my car.  The police
 should do their jobs and not go after the innocent.

19.     I am a recent new resident in discovery bay.  I have moved here from San
        Leandro.  Since I have moved her, my car has been broken into and items stolen,
        I have been harassed by the  neighbors on the street because they don’t like my car,
        and recently Contra Costa county sheriff came by (I’m assuming called by some
        neighbor) to ticket my car for no front plate – a fixable violation.  But instead of
        knocking on the door to ask if someone could fix the problem before ticketing – the
       office simply stuck  the ticket on my window.  I have always had a  great
       relationship  with the police in my old town and am really disappointed that the
       Contra Costa Sheriff made no attempt to contact  me as I was  home at the time of
       the ticket being written.

20.  My last phone contact w/a female sheriff on the phone about loud noise and bombs
       going off was not good.  She was rude and not very accommodating.  She acted as
       though she didn’t want to be bothered.  WE have a big problem on our street w/loud
       noisy parties, and bikes @ 1839 Dune Point Way.  We’ve had vandals and car theft.  I
      don’t like being yelled at or having to make excuses about my complaints.

21. I’ve had two encounters w/sheriffs that they’ve had bad attitudes.  One was speeding
      through our neighborhood to catch someone riding a dirt bike…risk vs reward wasn’t
      there. I flagged him down and told him we have kids in the area and to slow down.


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