Ventura county District Attorney's office wages campaign of personal revenge against raw milk farmers; resorts to tactics resembling North Korea

Friday, March 09, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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"I thought I was gonna die in there..."

In this exclusive interview, you can hear James Stewart describe, in his own words, the shocking details of prisoner abuse right here in America. Among the highlights from his interview with Mike Adams:

• How James was subjected to severe food deprivation.

• How he was interrogated by deputies and accused of being a "sovereign," then branded with a red arm band (Nazi-style) to falsely indicate that he was a danger to the general population.

• How James was shackled in long chains wrapped around his waist multiple times, then had his hands cuffed behind his back which was bound to the heavy waist chain to restrict his movement. His handcuffs were so tight he thought his wrists would break.

• James was then handcuffed to a cold bench, restricting his movement to just six inches, then left on the bench for 4-5 hours.

• James was then forcibly subjected to various medical tests, including forced chest X-rays even while he was handcuffed.

• He was placed in a cold cell wearing only a T-shirt and pants, where he soon began to suffer from hypothermia and found himself violently shivering just to stay alive.

• How he was made to suffer through total sleep deprivation all night long as other prisoners were screaming and banging on the walls.

• His cell was then flooded with raw human sewage, which flowed into his jail cell 2-3 inches deep, covering his shoes and shirt. LA County jail guards then ordered James to clean up all the raw sewage in his cell by handing him a small hand-held squeegee and demanding that he squeegee out all the raw sewage himself (which he reluctantly did).

• He was then forced to stay in the putrid raw sewage cell for over 30 hours, fighting off nausea and living in bacteriological filth that threatened his health.

• All along, the LA County prison guards gloated over their treatment of prisoners while laughing and joking about their power to subject prisoners to such abuse. This behavior openly mimics that of Gitmo guards who took pictures gloating over their torture and murder of prisoners of war.

• During this entire process, James was not allowed a single phone call nor any visit from an attorney. His right to speak to an attorney was repeatedly denied.

• At no point was James notified of what he was being charged with. He was never presented with an arrest warrant nor were any charges explained to him.

• James was mysteriously "lost" in the system and LA County officials claimed they did not know where he was. This was apparently a deliberate attempt to subject an individual to drawn-out torture without legal representation and make sure no one could locate them to check on their health or arrest status.

"Worse than torture... They're actually torturing you mentally and physically to break you down..."
These are the actual words of James Stewart that you will hear in this interview:

• "I thought I was gonna die in there."

• "It was worse than torture. They're actually torturing you mentally and physically to break you down."

• "I wrote the 'torture' on a piece of toilet paper to try to tell everybody what I had gone through, because I was worried they were going to mentally break me and put me in a psych ward."

• "What I experienced in downtown LA was brutality."

• "It's trauma. And they create this thing where you're not even sure what's coming next. What has this country come to? I don't sleep well at night right now, and I don't think anyone would if they had been what I've been through."

• "I'm shocked that this is America. Because it seems like you're in some third world country, in a gulag, like in the movie Midnight Express, where you're absolutely just tortured. That was the experience I had. Your mind goes, how can this be? This is America?"

NaturalNews calls on Amnesty International, ACLU to intervene

What we are witnessing here is a gross violation of civil rights and human rights, not to mention fundamental due process. The treatment unleashed upon James was not merely against the law in California, it was also a violation of federal law and a violation of the Geneva Convention and its ban on torturing prisoners of war.

"What happened to Stewart is horrendous," health freedom attorney Jonathan Emord told NaturalNews. He's the author of the new book "Restore the Republic" which lays out a plan to overthrow tyranny and restore a government that works on behalf of the people instead of declaring the People to be the enemy.

The bail amount set for James ($1 million) and the torture to which he was subjected clearly indicate that James Stewart is a political prisoner of the State of California, which has decided to spend millions of dollars in taxpayer money to target and incarcerate a senior citizen farmer. (By comparison, bail for alleged child rapist and sex pimp Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State sports coach, was only set at $100,000 and was unsecured!)

NaturalNews calls upon Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union to intervene in this extraordinary violation of basic human rights. For the record, James Stewart has no criminal record and is a permaculture farmer and fresh food advocate. His "crime" consists entirely of arranging for the distribution of raw milk to customers who actually line up to access this nourishing food (people love it!).

NaturalNews has no financial ties to James Stewart nor Rawesome Foods and has been the leading source of free press information covering this story. The mainstream media so far refuses to cover this story, most likely out of financial loyalty to the conventional (processed) dairy industry which stands to lose tens of millions of dollars if raw milk is allowed to be openly and legally sold.

Assistance efforts for James Stewart and Sharon Palmer, the other person arrested in this case, can be emailed to:

More details to be revealed on national radio Sunday

Mike Adams will be discussing this issue on live national radio, Sunday at 1pm Eastern time, 10am Pacific, on the Robert Scott Bell Show.

Listen in at:

In addition, NaturalNews has forwarded details to producers of the Alex Jones Show with the hope that Alex Jones will want to cover this for his own audience (InfoWars).

Information is also being forwarded to the Ron Paul campaign, as Ron Paul has openly spoken out against the absurdity of laws targeting raw milk producers. As Paul is extremely busy running for President, however, he is unlikely to be able to comment on this particular issue.

Tips have been forwarded to Matt Drudge for his consideration of the issue. continues to be the breaking news source on this story with a voice of liberty and food freedom. Check for more details this weekend and all next week.

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• Write the officer of Governor Jerry Brown, who has done absolutely nothing to stop this outrageous abuse of California's by rogue DA operatives in both LA and Ventura counties:

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(NaturalNews) NaturalNews can now report that James Stewart and Sharon Palmer are victims of an outrageous, almost unprecedented campaign of government terrorism against private citizens that's playing out across two counties today: Ventura County and Los Angeles County. There, officials have secretly made a pact to "destroy" James and Sharon, regardless of what laws and rights have to be broken in the process. As you will see below, the DA's offices in these two counties now harbor rogue, criminal elements who are using the power of the state of California to wage personal vengeance campaigns against innocent farmers.

The latest round of terrorism against these private citizens began last week. Upon appearing on time, as scheduled, for a preliminary hearing regarding the fabricated charges brought against them by Los Angeles County, James Stewart and Sharon Palmer were ambushed by gun-toting officials from Ventura County who engaged in what is being called "public theater" to make Stewart and Palmer appear to be guilty. They slapped them in handcuffs, marched them out of the courtroom, and then proceeded to kidnap them by "losing" them in the Ventura County criminal justice system where they literally disappeared for nearly five days.

Yes, that's right: These two prisoners were "lost in the system" and could not be located by anyone, anywhere. County officials had managed to hide them away in a secret location where not even law enforcement officials could reach them. NaturalNews has learned from inside sources that James Stewart was shackled for at least nine hours, stuffed away in an isolation cell where raw sewage was running across the floor. For several days, they were not allowed visitors, nor to even meet with attorneys.

Meanwhile, on the paperwork side, Ventura County had drummed up a $1 million warrant against James Stewart and another $2 million against Sharon Palmer. These are obviously excessive bail amounts which are almost never seen anywhere, including for suspected murders and rapists. Attorneys for the two were denied bail hearings until the very last minute allowable under state law, at which point a Judge finally heard the arguments against the excessive bail and agreed to drastically drop those bail outs.

Bail for James was dropped 90% to $100K, and for Sharon it was dropped 75% to $500K (which is still an extremely high amount for a financial case).

California's war against private citizens
As these tactics reveal, the District Attorney of Ventura County is openly engaged in outright character assassination against James Stewart and Sharon Palmer, and rather than seeking to uphold truth and justice, the DA has resorted to using every dirty trick in the book to destroy these two people. At this point, the battle in California has degenerated into a contest of rogue District Attorney criminals who openly and repeatedly violate their oaths of office to uphold justice and protect the right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty.

For example, the charges for which James and Sharon were recently arrested stemmed from a 2008 issue involving Sharon Palmer's difficulty in repaying investors of her farm. Since 2008, Sharon has engaged in an ongoing dialog with the DA's office in an effort to sort out the issues, and she has never missed a court appearance or a scheduled meeting on the matter. (

But rather than simply issuing a summons to appear, the Ventura County DA decided to stage a theatrical event and ambush James and Sharon in a Los Angeles County court hearing. This was done out of nothing more than a desire to seek personal revenge against James and Sharon. It had no legal justification whatsoever.

James Stewart, for one, has no investor relationship or ownership interest in Healthy Family Farms. Yet the DA told James' lawyer, Ajna Sharma-Wilson, that James was arrested and slapped with a $1 million warrant becuase he failed to return a phone call from the DA's office.

James was also targeted in this latest arrest merely because he knew Sharon Palmer -- so now in California, you can be arrested for merely knowing someone who is also being targeted by the state.

Supporters intimidated by Sheriff's deputies
Meanwhile, supporters of James and Sharon who appeared at the court hearing were physically and verbally intimidated by Sheriff's deputies who threatened them with arrest for waving small signs of support.

A covert photo has emerged showing Victoria Bloch and other members of the Weston A Price Foundation being surrounded by a gang of large deputies who were in the process of verbally intimidating them.

Additional photos and information available at:

Multiple millions of dollars spent by California to "get Sharon and James"
LA County has now presented over 3,000 pages of documents during document "discovery," in an attempt to overwhelm defense attorneys with information. What emerges from this, is the realization that the state of California has clearly spent millions of dollars investigating and attempting to prosecute these two people over the "crime" of selling raw milk.

Even the supposed crime of not being able to repay investors on schedule stems entirely from Sharon Palmer being forced into paying huge fines and legal fees by the county, thereby hampering her ability to repay investors on time. Thus, Ventura County actually forced her into a difficult financial situation and then charged her with felony crimes for being in that situation caused by the county itself!

Ventura County has added another 800 pages of discovery documents to the case, further attempting to overwhelm defense attorneys. It is clear from these activities (and others I've become aware of which cannot yet be made public) that prosecutors have made this PERSONAL and are waging a campaign of terrorism against private citizens in California in an overt attempt to destroy their lives.

What is happening to James Stewart and Sharon Palmer in no way resembles justice. In fact, NaturalNews has learned that the District Attorneys offices of both LA County and Ventura County are now rogue criminal gangs who operate far outside the law and who have utterly abandoned the wisdom of discretion in their zealous plot to destroy these two private citizens. It is becoming quite clear that the real criminals here are the DA's and prosecutors, and that the People of California should immediately call for their arrest and indictment for violating the civil rights of James Stewart and Sharon Palmer, violating due process, felony kidnapping and other charges.

Gregory D. Totten is the District Attorney of Ventura County, and it is his employees who are now acting as criminal gangs on a mission of terrorism against private citizens whose only real "crime" was selling unpasteurized milk. If Greg Totten allows this behavior to continue, he only cements his own legacy as a crime boss overseeing a criminal gang of prosecutors who routinely violate the law in their quest to destroy private citizens.

You can contact the Ventura County DA's office at:

Steve Cooley is the District Attorney of Los Angeles County. It is his employees who are also terrorizing James Stewart and Sharon Palmer while wasting untold millions of dollars in California taxpayer money.

You may contact the LA County DA's office at:

For the record, NaturalNews has reliable evidence that both the Ventura County and LA County DA's offices are wildly abusing their power and waging a campaign of personal revenge and the destruction of the lives of two individuals. These DA's offices are rogue, out-of-control criminal elements operating within the California justice system. Additional evidence will be made public in the near future. These people are wildly abusing their power to wage a campaign of revenge against two individuals who have embarrassed these DA offices.

For the record, there is much more to come, and NaturalNews will continue to bring you this news that no one else dare report. By the time this is finished, I have no doubt we will see prosecutors losing their jobs over all this, if not facing criminal charges or civil lawsuits themselves.

Spread the word. Share this story. NaturalNews is the only high-visibility news source in the world covering this story. Everyone else, especially in California, has been intimidated into silence on this story.

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