Scamdemic: Gavin Newsom’s ICU ‘trigger’ for lockdowns is below average December ICU numbers

If you needed any more evidence that the COVID-19 lockdowns are part of an authoritarian plan, here it is.

by Scott Boyd
December 7, 2020

When California Governor Gavin Newsom set his 85% ICU capacity “trigger” to automatically start a new round of totalitarian lockdowns, he had zero doubt the number would be reached in December. How? Because that number is reached EVERY December. Knowing this, why wouldn’t he prepare by assisting hospitals across his state to increase ICU capacity?

The answer is obvious. He wanted the lockdowns. They’ve always been part of his plan, a plan that likely comes on orders from higher radical leftist puppetmasters. But instead of asking how California is going to get through this, they need to be asking why this was all laid out the way it was in the first place. What, Governor Newsom, is your endgame?

In any given year, most parts of California reach 90% ICU capacity in December. This is usually due to the surge in flu cases, but the flu is allegedly non-existent this year, replaced on paper by the more lucrative COVID-19 diagnoses preferred by hospitals. They knew it was coming, which is why they made moves separate from the state to increase ICU capacity. But without the state’s help, there was no way they were going to stay below the Governor’s 85% threshold. And they were okay with that.

Dr. Brad Spellberg, Chief Medical Officer at the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, said, “Where we typically run well above 90% of our ICU beds occupancy because we’re such a busy trauma center. And this is taking us to almost capacity.”

From the beginning, this entire coronavirus narrative has reeked with conspiracy. Those of us who have been calling it out since February or earlier have been called nutjobs and fringe conspiracy theorists, but the longer their lockdown narrative persists, the clearer it becomes that this truly was a “scamdemic,” or as many like to call it, a “plandemic.”

A thread yesterday by former Army Special Operator Yinon Weiss details how the Governor and everyone in California’s Democratic government were well aware that staying below 85% ICU capacity was impossible.

Through other sources, we were able to determine that most hospitals across the country expand their ICU capacities this time of year because of the flu, and even then they often approach or even exceed 100%. But knowing this, Newsom chose to establish a preordained “trigger” with full knowledge it would be reached. This lockdown was inevitable and will likely be prolonged.

To understand why, we must learn as much as we can about “The Great Reset.” It’s not a conspiracy theory despite mainstream media’s attempts to play it down. The World Economic Forum has been pushing for it long before the world have ever heard of COVID-19. In recent months, they’ve been practically giddy at the prospects of their Neo-Marxist ambitions being most easily triggered by the pandemic, but more importantly by the economic toll forced on the world through lockdowns.

California plays an extremely vital role in their plans. As the fifth largest economy in the world, locking down California is more important than locking down the vast majority of entire nations. Moreover, it’s the west coast’s hub for trade, the gateway through which many imports and exports must cross. If California is in a prolonged lockdown, the economic toll will be felt by the entire planet.

This lockdown could have been avoided, but instead it was initiated just as Newsom either planned or was instructed to initiate.

Knowing that average ICU capacity in Los Angeles in December is over 90% any given year, Gavin Newsom knew we’d hit his 85% trigger. Instead of increasing capacity, he simply prepared to enforce his inevitable draconian lockdown. Why?