NOAA Image Sept. 18 2021 - Note early Fall Winter Storm Broken up and kept

offshore from California



9/28/21 - Promising NW Front Split in 2, Kept Out of California                                                                                                                            NOAA Satellite Photo Oct. 5, 2021 - Note that front is kept just offshore and prevented from moving inland




Note previous photo taken the day you can see how the rain bearing fronts are diverted up and down the middle of the US


Another massive Pacific front attempts to move in over SF Bay Area being broken up and diverted - note strange cloud formations South of the Bay Area - probable use of ocean going ionospheric heater ships

Oct. 18, 2021 - There is a large front just out of this satellite image coming in from the control already in process


Oct. 19, 2021 Massive winter storm moving in to Central California - but where did the rain go?? See below...



The front appears to moving in to N. CA but there has been almost no rain in the Bay Area....what's happening? see moisture bands below


The 10/20/21 moisture band satelite image shows the front is being torn apart and most of the moisture is being sent Eastward over Nevada toward the Midwest..when a weather front looses it's cohesiveness, most of the moisture is lost


10/25/21 NOAA Satellite Photo showing artificially created "atmospheric river" which mercifully pours over a foot of water on the parched SF Bay Area



This 2014 report goes over the deliberate frying of California:

Youtuber "1pacificredwood" shows how weather control is used to extract moisture from a low moving into S. CA:

10/22/21: Now we have the fake media pushing then fake weather event called "bombogenesis" AKA "bomb cyclone" AKA "pineapple express." Back in 2019 Dane Wiggington posted this on the fake weather events; note youtube videos embedded in

this article:

Another article exposes the orchestrated climate events complete with named WINTER storms:

<<<Inospheric heater                                

Former weatherman Jim Lee's info on weather modification: