Examples of "Mixed Use" Buildings

Note: bottom floor is usually some kind of small scale retail and top floors are residentialsort of like New York City in the early 20th century or old European towns - NOTE: "zero setback" i.e. front door right on sidewalk just like the "stoops" in Brooklyn or the Bronx!! This is what the County wants on Dam Rd., and most disturbingly, on Appian Way. This type of building will DRAMATICALLY raise the population density and destroy the character of El Sobrante!!

NOTE: "Zero setback" of "mixed use" building..........this is what the County and the El Sobrante MAC are mandating for blocks of land along Dam Rd. and Appian Way..."zero setback" means the building is right on the sidewalk...parking on the street or somewhere else...


El Cerrito smart growth on San Pablo Ave. - "The Village at Town Center"

NOTE: usual redev. suspect - Quiznos subs; gotta' have that "Town Center"!!


Recent 'smart growth' building in downtown Petaluma



Recent 'smart growth' buildings in Oakland in an industrial area between 580 and estuary