Large Protest and 'Live' Broadcast to be Held at Long Beach California City Hall to Fight Eminent Domain Takeover of Philipino Baptist Church
Pastor Roem Agustin says, "Please come and help us save our church."

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Contact: Pastor Wiley Drake, 714-865-8132

LONG BEACH, Calif., Mar. 10 /Christian Wire Service/ -- Protest signs are being made, and two hours of air time have been arranged for Monday March 13, for a protest, and "live" broadcast/ Press Conference to be held in front of the Long Beach City Hall 333 W. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach CA, 8-10 am.

Pastor Wiley Drake, who will be nominated for Second Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention in June, said "we must stand with our fellow Southern Baptist Church, and stop this unGodly land grab."

Director of Missions for the Long Beach Southern Baptist group, Richard Graham said he has already invited all their pastors and people to turn out to be supportive. Orange County director of missions, Doyle Braden also invited pastors and people to be supportive.

John Eastman, director of the Claremont Institute who is defending the Church, said "this case may play a key role in reversing the Supreme Court eminent domain decision.

Wiley Drake, host of "The Wiley Drake Show" said," We are already planning for a "Live broadcast in Washington D.C. at the Supreme Court. Wiley also said that this "Live" broadcast can be heard on, for those who can not come to the protest, Monday.

Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald D 3rd District, which covers this area of Long Beach, was contacted and ask to attend since she is home in the district this weekend.

The Press Conference and "Live" broadcast will give people a chance to share their opinions with the whole world, and let everyone know what the City of Long Beach is doing as they condemn a great Church building. The City wants Condos.

President Bush and Members of Congress have been notified also, and comments asked for.

Crusade Radio also released Friday, March 10, the up coming agenda of the City of Long Beach where it seems to indicate their mind is already made up . . .

Quote from Agenda dated Monday, March 13, 2006, City of Long Beach:


6. Recommendation to receive the supporting documentation into the record; conduct and conclude the hearing; and adopt the Resolutions of Necessity for acquiring and authorizing the condemnation of real property at 2155 Atlantic Ave, APN 7208-030-009; including land, improvements and fixtures and equipment.