Veteran liberal newscaster interviewed by conservative Dr. Stan Monteith gives a
preview of new/old Gov. Moonbeam Brown's program for California as well as
the political/economic prospects for California and its residents:

**Brown will immediately make 20 - 25% cuts in all programs
**Brown will call for a special election in June to blackmail CA
residents into passing massive new taxes to cover the shortfalls caused
by his cutbacks which will surely pass because we were set up by the
passage of Prop. 25
** Pension reform will begin with new government employees led by LA mayor
Villagiarosa who will sponsor a ballot measure to cut public employee benefits
** The current pension contracts due current employees will be paid even if they
ruin local governments because they are contracts
** Redevelopment funds will stay with the various agencies because Prop. 25
was passed so expect a massive expansion of eminent domain and redevelopment
** And more...listen to the interview at the link below: