Posted on Wed, Jul. 05, 2006

Glover wrong in eliminating MAC voting

Supervisor Federal Glover proposed that members of the Bay Point Municipal Advisory Council should be appointed by him rather than elected by the voters of Bay Point.

We are disappointed. What better way to know what the people of Bay Point want than by listening to those who are elected by the very people of Bay Point. Evidently, the idea of "by the people, for the people" lost its appeal for some. What a shame.

Bay Point had a MAC with elected members. This is the legacy left behind by the widely popular Bay Point school teacher turned state senator, Tom Torlakson, from his tenure as supervisor.

Getting rid off that elected MAC will be the legacy left by Supervisor Glover. Let's hope that Supervisor Glover's view on politics will not spread to Sacramento. We don't want to find out one day that we can't elect our supervisors because the governor will be appointing them. After all, we like to elect our supervisors. We also like to elect our MAC members.

Attila Gabor

Bay Point