President's Message

El Sobrante Redevelopment Plan

I have been a proud resident of El Sobrante 40 years, and a former small business owner for 30 years.

I was a member of the original 94803 Task Force working with other business people and residents who were concerned over the threat of shopping centers surrounding our small town business district. Many shops were closing after only 6 months in business and you can see this happening today. Our primary concerns were traffic congestions on San Pablo Dam Road and the deterioration of our downtown - issues that we must address now.

The 94803 Task Force has been in existence for 5 years and most recently a project area committee was freely elected. The members of this committee are volunteers, who have accepted their responsibility to serve the community to the best of their ability.

At the present time, the processing of the General plan Amendment and the adoption of an implementation tool, in the form of a proposed redevelopment plan is still under study. As a community, we must come to a consensus with respect to land use and circulation policy in downtown El Sobrante and the Appian corridor. The effectiveness of any implementation approach, whether it be redevelopment plan study issue. I have heard threatening and scare tactic statements being made not only against redevelopment, but against business people who may favor it.

I hope in the ensuing months, we can work together - not against each other. Let's not subject our great community to demonstrations, picketing and the like. Peace begins right here at home.

Marie Carayanis