World Affairs Brief Aug. 18, 1917


What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia this week was the confluence of many forces—federal agent provocateurs, leftist “Antifa” violence, and a minority of honest protestors. While honest citizens of America have never been offended by confederate monuments honoring Gen. Robert E. Lee (a truly great soldier, gentleman and statesman), there are a host of weak-kneed politicians in local jurisdictions that have succumbed to the demands of political correct extremism and begun the wholesale dismantlement of all vestiges of confederate civil war history. The biggest targets have been flags or state seals that displayed any portion of the stars and bars of the Confederacy and now statues of General Lee are next even though they were created and installed at great expense by voluntary contributions. Knowing that this radical political purging of history would antagonize conservatives, the dark side of government has prepared in advance to place agent provocateurs at the heads of radical white supremacy organizations who work to enlist disturbed and frustrated youth where they can be convinced to take part in protests. Meanwhile opposition leaders working on the opposite side of the spectrum plan for violent counter action, as happened in Charlottesville. But who gets the blame? Those who object to the obliteration of confederate history.

The Charlottesville protest centered around the city’s decision to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee. Vanguard America, a relatively new White Supremacist organization, applied for a permit to hold a public protest and received it. Other groups joined in for a “Unite the Right” rally. Then the city rescinded the permit, for purely political reasons. That appeared to be a setup for conflict. The organizers took the city to federal court and a federal judge restored their permit as a valid 1st Amendment exercise. The protest was to begin at noon, riot police were already there, and Richard Spencer, the leader of the white supremacy movement, was maced, while trying to explain to police that they had a permit and just wanted to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Police separated and quarantined the various groups, including the alt-right from Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Anti-Fascists (Antifa) whose symbol closely mirrors the double flags of the German Communist party in 1932. Still, several of the protest leaders were accosted and attacked by leftist protestors as they tried to speak. That went on for about 2 hours and then BLM blacks started throwing rocks. Suddenly all the riot police, national guard, and riot armored cars disappeared. Someone had given the order to withdraw. Why? That’s the big story.

Then, as the Leftist counter-protestors gathered around and occupied an intersection, a Dodge Challenger driven by James Fields of Vanguard American drove directly into the crowd killing one and injuring many others. I feel strongly that Fields was acting under some form of mind control, either the Deep State variety or Satanic possession. Normal people just don’t do these kinds of things without being somehow mentally disturbed. In any case, this provided the catalyst for the media to launch into a major piece decrying domestic right-wing terrorism.

From that point on, there is nothing that President Trump could do right in response, no matter what he said. I was pleased that he first tried to say there was blame on both sides, even though that was a compromise. All the violence was due to left-wing protestors.

Breitbart wrote how the media even targeted AG Jeff Sessions for defending Trump, as they dug for dirt on Trump’s claimed support for White Supremacists, which was totally untrue.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions defied the establishment media’s attempt to smear President Donald Trump using an article on the Daily Stormer neo-Nazi website. During an interview with Sessions, Craig Melvin, host of NBC’s Today, read verbatim from a Daily Stormer article praising Trump for not condemning them by name during his statement on Saturday about the violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Isn’t that proof that the president didn’t stand up sufficiently to white supremacy on Saturday?” Melvin asked.

“They are simply attempting to legitimate themselves in any way possible,” Sessions replied. “They are about to find out that we’re coming after them for any violations of the law.”

Trump said his administration condemned “in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides,” setting off critics who thought he should have condemned neo-nazis by name.

“It has no place in America,” Trump said, referring to the “hatred” and “bigotry” displayed in Charlottesville, calling for a restoration of law and order.

On Sunday, a White House official clarified the president’s statement to answer critics.

“The president said very strongly in his statement yesterday that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry, and hatred,” the official said. “Of course, that includes white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazi, and all extremist groups.”

Sessions defended Trump, pointing out that the president had “condemned them by name” in the past and would continue to do so.

“It was a good statement, delivered just a few hours after the event,” Sessions said. “The next day, they explicitly called out the Nazis and the KKK.”

You would think that would be enough for the media. But it wasn’t. Even as Trump bent to their will and condemned white supremacy, the headlines blared, “Trump Cannot Redeem Himself... After Charlottesville, Business leaders are dumping the Trump Administration,” —all because Trumps says, “Blame on Both Sides.”

To his credit, Trump is still willing to stand up against the destruction of Confederate monuments. Yesterday he said that he was 'sad' about the removal of 'our beautiful statues.' This, of course, led to even more outright attack pieces on Trump from the Washington Post and NY Times, who have lost all pretensions to neutrality. This ought to convince those few conservative pundits who continue to claim that Trump is a globalist plant within the movement. But it won’t, even though there is no longer a shred of evidence of that. I can tell you that they would never be treating one of their puppets like this—ever.

The PBS News Hour went out of its way to feature a professor who drove home the point that the Confederacy was about slavery and racism, even though defenders claim the Civil War was about “states rights.” Yes, the states right to uphold slavery was an issue, but when you read the Congressional record leading up to the Civil War, it’s very clear that the northern states were intent upon suppressing the constitutional right of states to determine their own path on a number of issues, outside of slavery.

It was entirely inappropriate to remove the Robert Edward Lee statue and sculpture in Charlottesville, Virginia, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was done to satisfy the never-ending demands of political correctness. It shows that the idea of States Rights and the Confederacy have to be denigrated at all costs. It seems to me that the establishment is controlling radicals at both ends of the conflict in order to make sure this becomes a bigger issue than it otherwise would.

The manner in which police failed to intervene in order to protect the free speech of the supremacists, indicates to me that there was intent to make sure violence happened. As reported, the day after the death in Charlottesville,

Jason Kessler, the Charlottesville, Virginia, resident who organized Saturday's rally of white nationalists and other groups, was forced to flee his own news conference Sunday after he was confronted by members of a crowd. "I tried my best but once again violence rules over speech and ideas in #Charlottesville. The First Amendment is finished it seems," Kessler tweeted.

Kessler was a few minutes into his remarks outside Charlottesville's City Hall when two members of the crowd, one of whom had been repeatedly yelling an obscenity at Kessler, moved toward Kessler as he stood behind a stand with several microphones on it.

Twenty seconds into the building chaos, a man in a red plaid shirt comes into the frame and his right arm moves quickly toward Kessler, in what appears to be an attempt to strike or push him.

Kessler appears off balance, rights himself and moves out of the scene quickly. The swarm of people -- a mix of journalists and counterprotesters -- follows Kessler. Troopers with yellow reflective vests intervene. Then police with riot gear come through and form a line keeping the crowd from moving forward.

When you watch the video, it becomes obvious that Kessler is being set up. The police do not station themselves anywhere near Kessler to protect his right to speak in front of a hostile crowd.

The counterprotesters yell, "Shame on you! Shame on you!" Those were the words used Saturday by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who told white nationalists who had come to Charlottesville for the "Unite the Right" rally to go home.

The charge of the governor is to defend everyone’s right to free speech, not to tell them to go home. You can bet, that if this had been blacks rallying for civil rights against a hostile white crowd, he would not have told them to “go home.”

Sunday, Kessler released a statement blaming police for pushing demonstrators and counterprotesters into violence a day earlier. "Instead of maintaining law and order, the police purposefully created the catastrophe that led to a melee in the streets of Charlottesville and the death of a counterprotester," he said. In the Sunday video, Kessler is hard to hear but he says his group's First Amendment rights were violated. He says the story of what really happened is not being told.

But what Kessler is saying, is that he used to be an Obama supporter and worked with Occupy Wall Street. The Gateway pundit did a little digging and found out that,

White supremacist and ‘Unite the Right’ leader, Jason Kessler, was once reportedly a supporter [of] former President Obama and the Occupy movement. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (an organization that is certainly no friend to Conservatives), Kessler revealed his political transformation around November 2016, the same month then candidate Donald Trump won the presidential election.

“Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.

At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city, Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association.”

This may be an indication of yet another White Supremacist leader who is, in fact, an agent working for government. More on that shortly.

In the initial research on the driver of the hit and run killing, the conservative media sympathetic to the alt-right spectrum initially claimed that the driver was Joel Vangheluwe, the son of a former owner of the vehicle used in the attack. Vangheluwe was a Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter. But that turned out not to be true.

The real driver was James Fields, and he did have a background in neo-Nazi ideology going back to his high school years. One of Fields’ former high school teachers, Derek Weimer, said that Field’s political views were extreme and sounded like he favored Nazism--“It was very much along the party lines of the neo-Nazi movement.”

It’s my belief that Neo-Nazism has been created by government agent-provocateurs which prey upon conservatives who are frustrated with years of illegal immigration, losing politically through compromising Republicans, and seeing political correctness condemn them as inherently racist. Granted, conservatives have to be pretty ignorant and macho-oriented to buy into neo-Nazism as the solution to any of those issues.

The white supremacist movement is also a government propaganda movement which targets people for recruitment who are legitimately frustrated with whites getting blamed for everything, and giving special treatment to blacks and other minorities. I have observed, however, that the media apply the label to anyone defending Western culture from multi-culturalism who do not subscribe to any supremacist beliefs. They love to paint with the broad brush of racism for which they will allow no defense.

Here is some background on Neo-Nazism and the White Supremacy movement that has led me to believe that both are creations of the Deep State, going back to the 1970s. The first major Neo-Nazi and White Supremacy organization emerged in the 1970s as the Aryan Nations group in Hayden Lake, Idaho. Pastor Richard Butler was the leader. During the early 80's I was asked by one of the members to come to Idaho and consult on preparedness issues. I was assured that this was a conservative Christian outfit that was getting a bad rap from the establishment media.

But when I first entered the main office and saw all these Nazi flags on the desks, I realized something else very dark was going on here. I confronted Pastor Butler about how he could espouse Christian and conservative principles and yet buy into Nazism, which is a radical form of fascist/socialism. He said he wasn’t interested in that, but rather in Hitler’s defense of the white race and culture—Aryanism.

I soon came to understand that Butler was a disciple of Wesley A. Swift, a significant figure in the early Christian Identity movement–which holds that Anglo Saxons were actually a remnant of the lost ten tribes of Israel. Thus, the Christian Identity movement disputes the Jew’s exclusive claim of being heirs to the blessings and promises of Israel, and preaches that white Christians are equal heirs as well. Some factions go so far as to invalidate all Ashkenazi (European) Jew’s claims to Israelite heritage by obscure historical accounts that say they were actually Khazar converts and not true Jews. There were some converts among the leadership of the Khazars, but I find that only a small portion of European Jews came from the Khazars. Then, once they add in the fact that Jews became key players in the globalist conspiracy, a form of political “Zionism,” it’s easy to morph all these factors into full blown anti-Semitism—hence the attraction to Hitler’s Nazism.

In reality, the tenuous links above I just described don’t attract many real conservative Christians, even those who believe that “we are Israel” too. But this line of thinking has been effectively used by federal agent provocateurs as they have gone to great efforts to create domestic terror and blame it on conservatives, constitutionalists and fundamental Christians. Indeed, I believe that the dark side of government put together this line of flawed thinking to encourage some to praise the NAZIs.

Back to the Aryan Nations, I did ask several guys working at the office how they happened to get involved, and two told me that they had been arrested on a parole violation and had been turned over to the FBI. At FBI field offices in Portland, Oregon, they were given a choice of going back to prison or going to work for the Bureau as “informants” at the Aryan Nations. I suspect that Pastor Richard Butler was also working for the dark side of government.

The same happened with the KKK, which had died out in 1871. It was resurrected in 1925 or so based on a version of Christian identity that opposed Catholics and Jews at a time of high immigration of both groups. It didn’t last long. During the 1960s, a third version surfaced which had all the markings of a government black operation to give those opposed to the civil rights movement a bad name. Like the Aryan Nations, they focused on the purification of Anglo-Saxon blood, and thus targeted the few Christian “Israel” believers that could be fooled into joining. But the most telling aspect was that every spokesman and rabble-rouser I ever saw on camera had a northern accent, which seemed strange given the KKK’s almost exclusively southern roots.

When we look at the background of Vanguard America, I see the same fingerprints of government black operations: the belief that America is an exclusively white nation, use of the slogan Blood and Soil, borrowed from the Nazi “Blut und Boden.” Vanguard used “For Race and Nation” as its primary slogan.

It appears that Vanguard came into being after the white supremacist National Alliance died out in 2013 due to severe infighting—which is typical of all of these radical groups founded and led by federal agent provocateurs. They never recruit intelligent stable people. The Aryan Nations fell apart that way after the death of Butler, and all other right-wing militia groups that were at all susceptible to this Neo-Nazi ideology were infiltrated by government agents. Remember that Timothy Nichols had been influenced by Eric Strausmeyer, a German national recruited by the FBI to infiltrate Elohim City. McVeigh himself, the main perpetrator of the OKC bombing was recruited by the government to go underground as a terrorist, and was proud of “serving” his government until he was betrayed.

In the case of James Fields, the UK Guardian had some interesting coverage that does tie him the Vanguard America, but in his background, we also find the use of mood-altering drugs:

James Fields, 20, of Maumee, Ohio, allegedly killed Heather Heyer, aged 32, and injured 19 others when he rammed his car into a group peacefully protesting on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The man accused of murdering a woman by deliberately driving into her during protests against a far-right rally was photographed earlier in the day standing with the white supremacist, neo-Nazi group Vanguard America.

Photographs from earlier that day appear to show Fields rallying with Vanguard America and carrying a shield bearing the group’s insignia. He wears the white polo shirt and khaki pants that are the group’s uniform...

Vanguard America’s manifesto, American Fascism, details its desire for a white ethnostate, the restoration of strictly patriarchal families and limiting the influence of “international Jews”...

Vanguard America were a highly visible presence at the Unite the Right rally on Saturday, where they marched in military-style formation, and the torchlight rally the previous night on the University of Virginia campus. On the group’s Twitter account, and on social media accounts belonging to regional chapters, there was extensive promotion of the Unite the Right rally in the weeks leading up to the event.

Fields was one of four people who have been arrested over the violence on Saturday which included fighting and skirmishing between far-right protesters and counter-protesters.

It is noteworthy that the mainstream media coverage makes it appear as if there was equal fighting between right-wing and leftist protestors, but this was not true at all. All the first hand accounts I can find show that all the violence came from the left—BLM and Antifa protestors, many of whom were hired to protest.

The mother of Fields told the Associated Press on Saturday night that she knew her son was attending a rally in Virginia but did not know it was a white supremacist rally. Fields had lived with his mother, reportedly a paraplegic, until around five or six months ago. [That’s when Fields got his trust money from his father’s death years before. Once self-funded he took off and became an activist in the White supremacist movement.] “When he turned 18, he demanded his money and that was the last I had any contact with him,” said the uncle, who spoke on condition of anonymity, adding that his nephew was “not really friendly, more subdued” when they met at family gatherings.

Fields’ now deactivated Facebook page contained Nazi imagery including a photograph of Hitler as a baby, a picture of the Reichstag in Berlin, and a photograph of him posing with his car.

Derek Weimer, who taught Fields history when he was a student at Cooper high school in Union, Kentucky, told the TV station WCPO that he remembered a boy who was “very quiet and very bright,” but one who believed in white supremacy and the Nazi ideology.

Weimer said he recalled Fields had wanted to join the army after graduating but had been turned down because the teenager had been prescribed medicine for a psychotic disorder. “When you bring that in to the picture, and you bring the views, and you bring in the views of Nazism and white supremacism... you start to see it is like a perfect storm.”

Indeed, it is the perfect storm in the mind—ignorance, inflamed rhetoric capitalizing on political correct injustices, and the influence of mood altering drugs—which I have found alters the mind’s ability to hear the voice of conscience moderating bad behavior. Often, the use of these drugs leads to a very high incidence of suicidal thoughts as Satan takes partial possession of the mind. There was a tragic case recently about a young lady, Michelle Carter, who was prosecuted for encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide by texting him to go ahead and do it. But as one of my researchers wrote to me,

“That’s what they want us to believe. It’s only half of the real story. Dr. Peter Breggin appears regularly on CTC to warn everyone about the dangers of prescription mind drugs and why people should never use them. He was the expert in the Michelle Carter case. The DA is trying to get him to delete his findings about Michelle, which he has on his blog.

This girl was actually unselfish, cheery, always known for helping others, but adults put her on mind “calming” drugs. This was after both of her beloved grandparents died, she became depressed, anorexic, etc. “She was a very emotionally distressed and physically ill child.” The way the media painted Michelle vs. how she really was (before adults placed her on mind drugs) are two different girls entirely.

In Part II of Breggin’s discussion, after “Michelle’s Reactions to Prozac,” you read the communications (see excerpt below) between Michelle and her even worse messed-up boyfriend, Conrad. She tries to help him at first, but as they both get deeper into Prozac and other prescription mind drugs, one of them is as bad as the other.

She replies, “I try to kill myself in them [the nightmares]” and then elaborates, “actually the Devil tries to kill me haha.” She then describes how a girlfriend slept over and helped her with the nightmares. The next night, she again brings up her nightmares. “I’m going to Hell though. The Devil told me. I swear… I’m not kidding. I’m being serious.”

Conrad asks, “He told you?” and she replies, “Yup.” Then he turns the attention back to himself: “I saw the devil already.” Michelle replies, “Me, too, and how did you?”

Conrad answers, “He was at the hospital one night staring at me. And he told me to kill them all.”

There is no discussion of his “kill them all” command hallucination. Instead, Michelle asks, “Are you serious?” Conrad says, “Dead serious.” Michelle once again becomes the sympathetic helper. “I’m so sorry baby!” Conrad describes his sighting of the Devil: “He was red and had a black cape.”

Michelle tells him not to listen to the Devil. “I learned to fight him and yeah I know I’ve seen him too. I see him a lot actually.” She elaborates that all this takes place in her sleep “but to me it seems like real life.”

Conrad follows with, “cause I don’t know anyone else that [has] seen the devil.”

Michelle concludes, “we are destined to hell then?” and Conrad confirms, “Yeah.”

Summary comment by researcher: The nightmares, and Conrad’s emphasis on the devil bringing the two of them together, had to leave Michelle further confused about what is real and what is not real. She would at times in the future cling to her little dog at night in the hope of scaring off the devil.

While we rarely get such a clear record of Satan’s influence over people’s mind under the influence of Prozac and other mental suppressing drugs, it is a real problem. Even though not all people experience these problems under these drugs, disturbed youth do so disproportionately.

I sincerely believe the larger globalist conspiracy to destroy individual and national liberty is, for those at the highest level, a Satan directed conspiracy. Of course, few involved in the day to day operations of this control system are aware of this. This conspiracy operates mostly by hiring predictable people to do their bidding rather than laying out for them the entire picture and purposes and deadly ends of the control system.

So, certainly, we can expect Satan to do his part in taking advantage of disturbed people to support the overall conspiracy he leads. He does this by inducing such people, mostly youth, to commit violent acts, such as driving this car into a group of people, or committing suicide, or using guns to kill innocent people. Not only does this allow the larger conspiracy to demonize guns, but it also allows the media to label hard line conservatives as domestic terrorists, by implication.