NOTE: It is a man with a Chinese name who wrote AB15; wouldn't be surprised if he is in league with the longterm agenda of the Chinese Communist proof, but seems suspicious

This leglislation is a loaded gun....when there are no more private citizens owning business or rental property, who will own the property? Do you want to rent from the government? Think of the dangers of living in "public housing" where tenants have basically no rights at all....Do you want the government owning your property?? Individual homeowners are also under attack from spiralling taxation and "green" leglistation...soon the government will own all property

California Assembly Members Chiu, Bonta, Lorena Gonzalez, Quirk-Silva, Santiago, and Wicks are pushing for an extension of free rent for tenants without consideration of the hardships that will cause to landlords!

This eviction moratorium will be extended to Feb. 2022 with no relief to landlords!!


Here is the detailed AB15:

Under AB 3088 and proposed AB 15 many mom and pop housing providers have gone months and will go years without rent payments.

For small CA landlords, some tenants are leaving long-term COVID scars. Landlords have been suffering too during the pandemic:

Here is a homeowner's sad story due to AB 3088:



BAHN - Bay Area Business & Housing Network are holding a car rally against Assembly Member Chiu on Jan. 2, 2021 - Details Here